Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a St. Paddy’s wrap and Green Lipped Mussels. They may be prepared in many ways; as an appetizer, plain or with different toppings.

There were a lot of bests at the BVI Charter Yacht Show this year. Best boat in category, best rum cocktail, best designer water, best appetizer, best entrée, best dessert, and best overall!

One of my loves is chia seeds, as they are mini powerhouses; packing more calcium than milk, large amounts of fiber, more omega-3 than salmon, and more antioxidants than blueberries. 

We have been trying to catch as many Lionfish as possible. This beautiful looking fish is invasive, venomous and a delicious

Three easy side dishes to serve with your main dish, whether it be turkey or something else that you may choose

Fall has arrived— it’s time to welcome back hearty soups, roasted vegetables, and baked goods to your menu.

September in the Caribbean is a month of quiet and change.  Even the winds settle down.  Perfect time to adjust the menu to foods that are light

Always try to use fresh ingredients when you are preparing any meal. Serve up fabulous meals for boat, home, or on the go.

There are spiny lobsters and there are Maine lobsters; both are caught year round. There is no need to pay big dollars for lobster at a fancy restaurant

Delicious nutritious recipes you will look forward to eating! It is important to feel good as well as looking good.

Spring is here!!  And here are a few easy to prepare recipes that will give you the nutrition and energy you need to enjoy every day. 

“Discover Plants: Eat Vegan” was the theme for the Culinary Contest at the 37th BVI Annual Charter Yacht Show, held at Nanny Cay Marina. Another excellent show by Janet Oliver the Executive Director.