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Floridians Care for Their Corals

Floridians Care For Their Coral, ALL AT SEA January 2016

During the final two decades of the 20th century, scientists and educators flooded magazines and newspapers with news of coral reefs dying all over the world. By 2007, both federal and state governments responded with legislation including grants giving communities …

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Tri-Kayak XS-1: A Boat for Every Age

Adjusting Outriggers. Photo by Wade Reynolds

The first week he lived in Northern Virginia, Jim Reynolds asked his new neighbors why both of their kayaks stayed on racks. “I hit fifty a couple years back and gained a pound or two,” said one. “Too hard to …

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From Books to Boats – How to build a Dinghy

Photo by Janice Weigand

Drakus, the Monk 47 Ketch currently under a boatyard tent receiving a fiberglass replacement for her tired teak decking, inspired one spirited small town librarian, Anne Siddens, to build the dinghy, Enid.  While Siddens’ husband Doug worked refurbishing Drakus as …

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The Spirit of Christmas in Oriental

Photo by Ben Casey

Docked along wide North Carolina creeks emptying into the Neuse River, the Village of Oriental lights Christmas into an art form the second weekend in December. Years ago, Reba Tiller, then and now director of the Pamlico Chorale, wrote the …

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The Disappearing Island – Tangier Island

Sinking Island, Rising Sea. Photo by Chris Kennan

Tangier Island, Virginia is constantly in motion. Well…from a geographic perspective, not from a lifestyle perspective. The locals like life quiet and simple in a magical old world style. The island itself however, is at the mercy of the currents …

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