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VISAR – Communications

Life today is a constant cacophony of noise and information. One of the great joys of boating is being able to get away from it all and find some peace and quiet. Sadly, the responsible boater knows that there is …

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VISAR – Support the Search and Rescue Facilities!

Throughout the Caribbean there is a very real need for search and rescue facilities. Some of our islands have a relatively sophisticated maritime search and rescue capability, while others are still working to achieve a basic service. Over the past …

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VISAR – Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season: We’ve all read the forecasts and predictions for the forthcoming hurricane season and view them with a degree of trepidation, as we do every year.We have to accept some of what we experience with a slightly fatalistic attitude …

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Jellyfish Season

As the waters warm thus comes the onslaught of Jellyfish. Here’s a brief primer to Jellyfish identification, how to avoid being stung and ultimately the treatment of the sting.

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VISAR – Taking on Water

Following a recent spate of calls to VISAR where vessels have run aground or reported taking on water at a rate beyond what bilge pumps could reasonably be expected to cope with, it seems that a brief column on what …

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VISAR – Thoughts about Moorings

Overnight moorings versus anchoring? Here in the British Virgin Islands it’s quite a dilemma for many boaters.Why is this decision a topic for a VISAR column? The reason is that VISAR’s crews are frequently called out either to help people …

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