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Cruise the Seven Seas

Women at the Helm: Captain Lynn Griffiths

Family sailing in the BVI onboard Pacific Wave

There is no one path or process that leads to successfully captaining a yacht. Instead, it’s the number of diverse experiences and skills acquired that can really pay off. A good example is UK native, Lynn Griffiths, who grew up …

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PropGlide for propellers and running gear

Boaters have been trying to protect the running gear of their boats using antifouling paints for years. However, keeping antifouling coatings on turning blades and shaft that are under big loads and in permanent turbulence is not possible. The ultimate …

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Hard Choice: Fabric or Solid Bimini?

I didn’t have a Bimini on my first two boats. I was too wacked out to realize that orange disk in the sky was the sun. Now that I’m 66 years old and my parchment-like skin is thinner than a Zig …

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Sailing with Charlie: Will It or Won’t It?

Graphics by Anouk Sylvestre

The Virgin Islands are still struggling to regain some kind of normalcy after the worst hurricane year in history, 2017. It was exactly 12 months ago that I wrote my tongue in cheek story about Global Warming and the fact …

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Planning for Tides & the Rule of Twelfths

Tidal terms. Diagram by Ulamn/Wikipedia

Very simply stated, tides are the vertical rise and fall of sea level caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun, and the rotation of the Earth. Depending on the size of …

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By Cruise Ship to the ABC Islands

Aruba’s free-to-ride San Francisco style streetcar, in service since 2013, is an attraction in itself. Photo by Els Kroon

Exploring the Caribbean on a sailing boat is the dream of many, however, if you don’t own a yacht, cruise ships offer the perfect solution. When the Spanish cruise line Pullmantur expanded from Europe to the Caribbean, they set their …

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Grenada: Where Everyone Knows Your Name

The anchorage in St George’s – the perfect place to watch the sun go down. Photo By Rosie Burr

Known as the Spice Island because of its numerous nutmeg plantations, Grenada is a tropical paradise full of mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, and beautiful beaches just waiting to be explored. Unlike many islands further north, which tend to be more seasonal, …

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The Unbelievable Coolness of Bahamas

Aboard the catamaran Tropical Escape II, a Sunsail 444. Photos by Sharon Matthews-Stevens 

On the morning of our last sailing day the sun climbs over Elbow Cay in the Abacos, waking me in my berth aboard Tropical Escape II, a Sunsail 444 catamaran we’d chartered out of Marsh Harbour almost a week ago. …

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HH55 Wins Award with Vesconite on Board

Marrying leading-edge design and the most advanced materials and components available has paid off for HH Catamarans. Its HH55 was named Best Cruising Catamaran for 2018 by Cruising World Magazine. The high-performance bluewater sailboat utilizes ultra-low friction Vesconite in its curved …

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The Special, Please

Meeting the chef is part of the prize when searching for island food. Photos by Jan Hein

The Caribbean is awash with restaurants offering hip cuisine. Flashy menus feature gourmet beef delights, chicken delicacies and fish fresh from the sea. Few can resist the intoxicating aromas pouring from these tricked-out kitchens, and why would you? Strolling past, …

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New Fantoms from Garmin

Garmin International announced the GMR Fantom™ 54/56 and Fantom 124/126 the next evolution in its solid-state pulse compression radar series with MotionScope™ Doppler technology, offering 50W and 120W of power output, respectively, the most in its class. Garmin Fantom radars were the first …

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A Safe Boat is a Happy Boat

A deployed sea anchor. This is just one of a number of different designs available

What are the potential problems that could arise while at sea to endanger your ship and its crew? The list is pretty big. Ingress of water is the most obvious; on board fire, rig and engine failure, crew overboard, lack …

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Packing a Ditch Bag 101

It’s something you hope to never need. Yet, it’s smart not to head out on the water without one. Ditch bags, also called a go-bag or bail-bag, and what’s packed inside can spell the difference between life or death if …

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Exploring the Dry Tortugas National Park

Our final stop in the Florida Keys is Dry Tortugas National Park, located 70 miles west of Key West and is only accessible by boat.  The name comes from the fact there is no fresh water and Tortugas is Spanish …

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Into the Deep: Swimming Lessons Cruiser Style

Family snorkel in Bonaire. Photo by Vicki Blank

After three crazy, hot months living and working on the hard, it was a great relief to finally anchor in Chaguaramas Harbour, Trinidad.  Our three boys, then aged twelve, nine, and five were ecstatic to be on the water like …

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Seven Great Reasons to Visit St. Lucia

Photo by Sharon Matthews-Stevens

Narrowing the list of great reasons to visit St. Lucia down to seven is like putting out a bowl of potato chips and eating just one. The place is sophisticated, lush and breathtakingly beautiful with a great variety of accommodations …

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Rigs Explained, Mocked, & Pondered

Fatty’s first boat was a wooden double-ender sloop purchased when he was 15 years old

Chances are your boat has the rig it needs. If it doesn’t—buy a new boat, don’t replace the rig. Alas, there are many misconceptions about various rig configurations. Thus, I feel it might be fun to add to the misinformation.  …

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