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Cruise the Seven Seas

Water-Proof & Resistant Drones are a Boon To Boaters

There once was a time when spectacular aerial photos for everything from charter yacht brochures to fishing tournaments or sailing regattas meant hiring a professional photographer and spending hundreds of dollars on helicopter time. No longer. Today, small privately-owned drones, …

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Singapore Stan Part 2

Lulu Magras (left) Fatty Goodlander, and Marius Stackelborough at LeSelect on the 68th anniversary of its opening

In Part 1 of the story, Cap’n Fatty described how they were coming towards the end of an idyllic Caribbean cruise and sailing north when Stan said his time aboard Ganesh would be complete if he could visit St. Barth. …

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Problem: The Dirt Bag Boater

Often different parts of a diverse community don’t understand each other. These fault lines might be along ethnic, religious, or racial lines—and my life-long religion is boats. I love boats, love boaters, and love to sail—especially in the Caribbean. Many …

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The Common Cents of Key West

Mallory Square - High Wire Act

This issue we are looking at Key West, which is as far as you can travel in the Keys by car. Key West is by far the biggest city in the Keys, but still has less than 25,000 people and …

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Singapore Stan

Stanley not only stood his watch, he shared ours as well. He could not get enough of sailing offshore

My wife Carolyn and I love people. We often attend parties as we sail, invite people aboard for dinner, and mingle with the dirt dwellers ashore. In addition, we adore having guests—but only for brief periods of time and only …

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Video Games and Sailing

Max online and outside

In the throes of nautical ennui, some turn to books to pass the time, others to movies, and others to video games. Once dominated by the younger generation but now demographically diverse, this article looks at the trials and tribulations …

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Explore the Keys

Bahia Honda - Old Bridge

For the next couple issues we are going to leave the Bahamas and hang out in the Florida Keys, starting at the Henry Flagler memorial in Miami. He first connected the Florida Keys in the 1910’s by building a railroad …

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The Cayman Islands: A Tantalizing Trio

Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman is often voted among the world’s best. Photography by Sharon Matthews-Stevens

We’re trudging along a rock-strewn trail topping a cliff more than a hundred feet above waves crashing ashore in white foam, waves like white lace crisscrossing cobalt-colored waters further out. We meet two people who smile at us and point …

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Destination: Downtown Miami

You can see it from far offshore. Miami, Florida, boasts the third tallest skyline in the U.S., with 300-plus high-rise buildings as of 2017. Most are in the city’s heart, the less than 4-square mile area of Downtown Miami. Here …

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Unexplored Turks & Caicos

Grand Turk - Museum

Last issue we started exploring the Turks & Caicos. We looked at the islands around the Caicos Bank and finished in South Caicos about to sail 20-25 miles across some deep water to the Turks Islands, which got its name …

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Destination: West Palm Beach

Mike Scott Photography

There’s no question that West Palm Beach and the whole of Florida’s Palm Beach County is a magnet for the rich, the famous and their yachts. Case in point, Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich’s 533-foot Eclipse docked at the Port of …

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Practice Safe (Sail) Sets

…Or, Tip #4 in Surviving a Sailing Relationship I read recently about a couple who purchased a boat and upgraded it with all the money they had intending to sail off into the sunset. The second day out they ran …

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Hip Hop on Board: And I Don’t Mean Dancing

Earlier this year, my husband Barry went to Venezuela to have a titanium hip replacement at a highly recommended private clinic. Things did not go as expected and he arrived back in Curaçao with a displaced prosthesis and a cracked …

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Of Heroes and Fools

Fatty and Carolyn sailing without Morgan Freeman

I’d just finished my first circumnavigation in 2004—and, admittedly, I was feeling pretty good. Perhaps I was feeling too good, too smug. I’d had a couple of drinks and was wandering around seeing old friends or bragging, depending on viewpoint. …

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Anything He Can Do….

She Can Do Better! …Or Tip #3 in Surviving a Sailing Relationship Sailing is chock a block full of cruising couples of the traditional nature (ie one man and one woman) who have adopted the traditional skipper/first mate roles. Having …

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