Cruising vessels entering the USA will have new options via the US Customs and Border Patrol “CBP ONE™” mobile app, on Google and Play stores

There are far more reasons to love marine electric propulsion than merely because it will allow our species to survive longer

Going downwind without a pole just doesn’t work for mono-hulls with classic rigs (big headsail, small mainsail) as many cruising boats have.

World Cruising Club’s transatlantic rally, en route to the Caribbean, will make landfall at Camper & Nicholson’s Port Louis Marina in Grenada

Visit a dozen island nations and territories, each with its own flavor and clearing in and out of Customs and Immigrations several times.

Once upon a time it was possible for an idiot to rebuild frozen engine with some wrenches, a sledgehammer and a wooden yard stick

Just in time for their tenth anniversary, the Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) has rolled out their new and updated website

The Ocean Cruising Club, the UK-headquartered ‘home port’ for global adventure sailing for nearly 70 years, gave as good as it got in 2020

Rot is central to my life. I’m not talking about moral rot—I’m riddled with it—I’m talking about actual rot, physical rot, onboard wood rot

It’s now easier for recreational boaters to enter the Bahamas and enjoy all the multi-island nation has to offer on sea and shore.

Two things blow my mind—one is that anyone who reads me regularly thinks I have sense; and, two is that the arrangement of my vessel would make sense.

With the right mix of alternative energy sources you can save fuel, keep your carbon footprint low, and mother earth a tiny bit healthier!

Knowles, who died unexpectedly of a heart attack in her home in Vero Beach, FL at the age of 71, indeed saw her dream come true.

My idea in 1967 was simple: buy a Volkswagen van, drive to California, and sleep with as many beach bunnies as I could. It didn't happen

8 boats hailing from Sweden, Norway, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and Canada cast off en route to the Port Louis Marina in Grenada

After over 60 years of living aboard, I’m often asked by lubber and sailor alike, “What’s your favorite island?”

Curacao, 56 miles west of Bonaire and 74 miles to the east of Aruba, is becoming a popular destination for cruising and chartered yachts alike

Plunge - One Woman’s Pursuit of a Life Less Ordinary... More than a sailing memoir, get pulled into a physical as well as a psychological journey

Luckily, my granddaughter Sokú Orion Goodlander came to my rescue—by signing up for the Optimist sailing program at our local yacht club

Fall Cruising Update: The Caribbean, with its warm sunny climate, blue seas and steady tradewinds, continues as a big draw for winter cruising