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Cruise the Seven Seas

Rigs Explained, Mocked, & Pondered

Fatty’s first boat was a wooden double-ender sloop purchased when he was 15 years old

Chances are your boat has the rig it needs. If it doesn’t—buy a new boat, don’t replace the rig. Alas, there are many misconceptions about various rig configurations. Thus, I feel it might be fun to add to the misinformation.  …

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Weather Forecasting With a Barometer

Torricelli experimenting with the barometer. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

With the plethora of weather forecasting apps and other Web-based weather services available to boaters, the humble barometer is often overlooked as a local weather forecasting tool. The yacht’s barometer, in many cases, has been relegated to the role of …

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How To Conquer Short Term Weather Forecasting

Cirrostratus nebulosus, invisible but revealed by the halo presence. Photo: Wikipedia

Being a boater, whether under power or sail, requires situational awareness. Knowing what to expect from the tides, currents and weather when out on the water can make the difference between a relaxing cruise and a harrowing experience. Tides and …

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New App Makes Slip Booking A Breeze

Reserving a marina slip just got easier. GPDock is a newly launched community-based online reservation system that makes this chore a breeze for both boaters and marinas. It works by offering access to a large database of marinas in Florida …

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Unexplored Hogsty Reef Atoll

One of the most remote locations in the Bahamas is Hogsty Reef in the southern part of the country. It is a place more at home in the Pacific, not the Atlantic, because Hogsty Reef is an atoll that is …

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Horizon Yachts expand to meet demand

The team at Horizon Yachts, Grenada

Horizon Yachts – offering brokerage, project management, marine engineering and guardianage services in Grenada have seen a great increase in business since they opened their new workshop at Clarke’s Court Boat Yard and Marina in February 2017.  They expect an …

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New Travelift for Marina Casa de Campo

The new 330st Travelift will work alongside the existing lift at Marina Casa de Campo

IBC Shipyard are expanding services at their Marina Casa de Campo facilities with the new acquisition of a 330st Travelift.The new lift should be in operation by August. Marina Casa de Campo say the new expansion project will focus on …

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10 Top Caribbean Activities for Cruising Kids

Mosquito Bay, Vieques. Photo curtesy of Puerto Rico Tourism Company UK ©

The Caribbean Sea is a huge aqueous playground for cruising kids. Yet there are great activities to explore ashore as well. Here are ten top suggestions: 1. Sail on a Pirate Ship The Jolly Roger, a near replica of Columbus’ …

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Water-Proof & Resistant Drones are a Boon To Boaters

There once was a time when spectacular aerial photos for everything from charter yacht brochures to fishing tournaments or sailing regattas meant hiring a professional photographer and spending hundreds of dollars on helicopter time. No longer. Today, small privately-owned drones, …

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Singapore Stan Part 2

Lulu Magras (left) Fatty Goodlander, and Marius Stackelborough at LeSelect on the 68th anniversary of its opening

In Part 1 of the story, Cap’n Fatty described how they were coming towards the end of an idyllic Caribbean cruise and sailing north when Stan said his time aboard Ganesh would be complete if he could visit St. Barth. …

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Problem: The Dirt Bag Boater

Often different parts of a diverse community don’t understand each other. These fault lines might be along ethnic, religious, or racial lines—and my life-long religion is boats. I love boats, love boaters, and love to sail—especially in the Caribbean. Many …

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The Common Cents of Key West

Mallory Square - High Wire Act

This issue we are looking at Key West, which is as far as you can travel in the Keys by car. Key West is by far the biggest city in the Keys, but still has less than 25,000 people and …

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Singapore Stan

Stanley not only stood his watch, he shared ours as well. He could not get enough of sailing offshore

My wife Carolyn and I love people. We often attend parties as we sail, invite people aboard for dinner, and mingle with the dirt dwellers ashore. In addition, we adore having guests—but only for brief periods of time and only …

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Video Games and Sailing

Max online and outside

In the throes of nautical ennui, some turn to books to pass the time, others to movies, and others to video games. Once dominated by the younger generation but now demographically diverse, this article looks at the trials and tribulations …

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