The idea for Frigate began when friends were sitting around a fire in Abaco, Bahamas smoking cigars, sipping rum and reflecting on life.

The Caribbean is the yachting destination of the rich and famous. Rafael Nadal may soon come this way, if his outings to the Bahamas are any indication.

The Exumas. This island chain allows for uncrowded cruising and enjoying the laid-back Bahamian charm

After leaving the busyness of the US and its often-crowded harbors, it is very special to spend a week on the open water and not see anything or anyone

VISAR is also looking into sending volunteer crew members to The Bahamas to help, as needed, over the next few months.

In the wake of devastation to the Bahamas, Palm Beach County locals can now donate by bringing desperately needed relief supplies to Sailfish Marina Resort

The Titan submersible broke a deep-sea diving record to the abyssal descent to 12,336-feet (2.3 miles) off Great Abaco, Bahamas

If you want to visit the Bahamas by boat and are leaving from Florida, the Gulf Stream is one of your most important things to consider.

Usually I write about different islands, locations, and events in this column, but this month I want to share with you my lowest emotional point during my cruising life.