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Life on the All At Sea Waterfront

Billions in gold on legendary wreck

The Naval battle off Cartagena, 28 May 1708. The San Jose, which carried most of the Spanish treasure, was destroyed by an explosion in her powder magazine. The painting, by Samuel Scott (1702-1772), is in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England.

  The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) recently obtained authorization by Maritime Archaeology Consultants (MAC), Switzerland AG, and the Colombian government to release new details from the successful search for the three-century old San José—a 62-gun, three-masted Spanish galleon that sank …

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Being a Key West “Local” Has its “Quirks”

I knew I had become a “local” on the island of Key West when I recognized Chris Peterson, drag queen extraordinaire, in his street clothes walking to work at La-Te-Da on Duval Street. I had seen the musical, “The Legend of …

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Nautically-Themed TRYP by Wyndham Maritime Now Open 

There’s been a void of hotels catering to Fort Lauderdale’s boating community – until now. The nautically-themed TRYP by Wyndham Maritime opened in May. The 150-room hotel is the anchor of the four-star 168-slip Marina Bay Resort, one of the …

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Kick ‘Em Jenny: Grenada’s Underwater Volcano

Kick ’em Jenny is a submarine volcano located at 12°18´N, 61°38´W; approximately eight kilometres (five miles) off the north coast of Grenada. As far as scientists are aware it is the only live underwater volcano in the Caribbean. Thought to be …

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Sargassum Weed: Boon or Curse?

Ascension inlet, Curaçao, where vulnerable ecosystems may be under threat. Photo by Els Kroon

Until just a few years ago few people other than marine biologists and researchers had heard about sargassum, but when the invasive weed, originating from the mid-Atlantic Sargasso Sea, began devastating the shorelines of many Caribbean islands, scientists began taking …

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Beach Bars of the USVI – Four Not to Miss!

Living the dream … Rhythms on Rainbow Beach. Photo curtesy of the bar

There’s nothing like the toes-in-the-sand, rum in one hand feeling of a quintessential Caribbean bar. Beach bar hopping by boat is especially fun. In fact, it’s an excellent way to visit each of the three largest US Virgin Islands. Here’s …

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Smalltooth Sawfish Still in the Florida Keys

Juveniles double in size during their first year, growing from a birth length of 2.5 feet up to 5 feet

The Florida Keys are one of the few spots left in the world to see the endangered sawfish. Wiped out by longline nets and fishermen who mostly wanted to collect their saws or nostrum, scientists are studying the population in …

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Key West Lighthouse Reflects Time Gone By

Photos Courtesy of Key West Art & Historical Society

Visitors strain their necks looking above and beyond the Royal Poinciana trees, which demand attention with their showy orange blossoms, to see the highest point in Key West, the top of the Key West Lighthouse. Adjacent to the 65-foot lighthouse, …

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Floating Homes Find Favor in South Florida

Nine-foot floor to ceiling impact windows is one of the first wow factors you see after stepping aboard the Luxuria. It only gets better from there. Motorized shades and blinds control the amount of sunlight shining in, while an Internet …

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Our Magnificent Ospreys

Osprey in flight, Lake Wylie, South Carolina. Photo: Gareth Rasberry/Wikipedia

Watching an osprey soar and hover high in the sky is a fascinating sight. It becomes even more appealing if, like me, you are lucky enough to live near a breeding pair of these majestic birds.  I spend a third …

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Coral Restoration Efforts Sprout Optimism in Mote Scientists

Vaughan points to lab-raised massive corals

A scientist at Mote Marine Laboratory’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research and Restoration (IC2R3) discovered how a coral growing process called micro-fragmentation could accelerate reef restoration; now, Mote is using it on 28 different coral species. Dr. David Vaughan, executive …

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Hurricane Irma Spared Florida Bay

Photo by Jill Zima Borski

Hurricane Irma largely spared Florida Bay, according to Audubon Everglades Science Center staff in Islamorada, Florida Keys. After the category four storm surged through the Florida Keys Sept. 10, South Florida residents, fishing captains and scientists were nervous about how …

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