This year is the most challenging ever. All the igloos where you reindeer sleep are melting, the elves’ dormitory is collapsing because the ice is turning to slush.

Every island has a Father Christmas, spreading pure joy and cheer, and in Antigua’s Falmouth Harbour, that title goes to Phil Braithwaite

Don't Miss the Caribbean November 2020 Events. Thankful to see action again.

Ted Lomicka and Chris Allshouse will each attempt to swim from Saint Lucia to Martinique as part of the annual Saint Lucia Channel Swim

Sailors can learn, and volunteer, with organizations such as the non-profit, Hope for Haiti. Give back while Cruising! Best of both worlds...

The Gittings trap is made of netting attached to a circular frame. The trap’s hinges let it open and close like a person’s mouth when eating

Coral World can free up space in its coral nursery to receive new sick coral by transferring rehabilitated coral to the ocean park for continued monitoring

The Bitter End Yacht Club purchased 132 additional devices, bringing the total to over 1,000 Chromebooks contributed to the Ministry of Education

About 22,000 tons of Plastic Waste per day, escapes into the waters around coastal nations, and makes its way to the most remote spots on the planet

‘Drinkers with a running problem.’ If the catchphrase doesn’t intrigue you, perhaps the term ‘Hashing’ will.

Today, all sea turtles in the Caribbean are considered either threatened or endangered. Here’s a sampling of where and when:

There’s a new way for visitors to St. Maarten to enjoy day-cruises, night cruises, and charters while at the same time benefiting local youth and the community too.

The Les Fruits de Mer now offers its [email protected], which shares several fun learning resources daily via social media and the organization’s website (

Do you have a diesel fuel generator but no technical knowledge about its proper basic operation, we can help you with this short list of what to watch for.

Social Distancing! I study cruise ship itineraries so as not to cross paths. People skills are not my forte. That’s why I really like these solo-friendly swathes of sand. 

Horseback riding along a tropical beach seems like a scene straight out of a movie. Yet, you can turn this dream into a reality in the Caribbean

Robbie Ferron, who founded the company in 1982 and served as general manager, is stepping down and handing over the reins to a team led by Jim Hodge

Hundreds of kids attended the Migratory Bird Festival, organized by non-profit Les Fruits de Mer association and held at Amuseum Naturalis, in St. Martin