Make entertaining easy. Prepare these delicious recipes ahead of time, be ready when your friends and family arrive.  

Copalli Barrel Rested Rum not only uses sugarcane juice and canopy water from the rainforest but also employs production, helping to leave the world in a better place.

The tall brown cylinder of Ron Añejo Calazan Reserve Aged 10 Years immediately drew us in wanting to explore.

Did you know that drinking hot drinks and eating hot foods is actually proven to cool you down!

Does boiling vegetables, like carrots, take the nutrition out? Answer: Carrots, actually, are one of those vegetables that nutritionally benefit from cooking

Breadfruit is an extremely versatile vegetable that can be boiled or grilled or turned into dessert

Like Caribbean rums, Plantation Isle of Fiji begins with local sugar cane then distilled using both column and traditional pot stills

This month we’ve made our favorite summer rum cocktail, the Mojito, to see if your choice of white rum matters.

Less time in the galley and more on deck! Meals should be easy and look great. Eat with our eyes, your nose and then your mouth; enjoy!

When you need a white/silver rum to make a mixed drink, be honest, do you pay much attention to what you select

Spring officially starts in March, but April is when warmer weather starts. It is good to celebrate with colorful dishes of seafood and fresh vegetables.

Our son took a stab in the dark this past Christmas and landed on Mocambo Art Edition, Single Barrel 20 year old from Mexico.

When you have a plethora of fresh herbs, it is wonderful to use them and try them out on new recipes.

Kirk And Sweeney 18 Year Old - Curious if six more years of aging (and 20 more dollars) makes a difference in overall taste and experience.

I like to use seasonal produce and the winter season has some super veggies to make satisfying meals

Who created the Piña Colada? What is in the official Piña Colada recipe? Where can you find the best one on Puerto Rico?

You need to experience Barceló. I bet you’ll never go back to Brugal.” She gave us a bottle of Barceló Gran Añejo for us to review.

Have a steak with a difference! The cabbage steak can accompany more vegetables like, or any meat or poultry dishes.

Is rum keto? Aren’t you concerned about all that sugar you are pumping into your body when drinking your beloved rum?