There’s something about the simplicity of Flor de Caña 12 that allows us to forget about the world around us. $35/bottle

Copalli Barrel Rested Rum not only uses sugarcane juice and canopy water from the rainforest but also employs production, helping to leave the world in a better place.

The tall brown cylinder of Ron Añejo Calazan Reserve Aged 10 Years immediately drew us in wanting to explore.

Like Caribbean rums, Plantation Isle of Fiji begins with local sugar cane then distilled using both column and traditional pot stills

This month we’ve made our favorite summer rum cocktail, the Mojito, to see if your choice of white rum matters.

When you need a white/silver rum to make a mixed drink, be honest, do you pay much attention to what you select

Our son took a stab in the dark this past Christmas and landed on Mocambo Art Edition, Single Barrel 20 year old from Mexico.

Kirk And Sweeney 18 Year Old - Curious if six more years of aging (and 20 more dollars) makes a difference in overall taste and experience.

Who created the Piña Colada? What is in the official Piña Colada recipe? Where can you find the best one on Puerto Rico?

You need to experience Barceló. I bet you’ll never go back to Brugal.” She gave us a bottle of Barceló Gran Añejo for us to review.

Is rum keto? Aren’t you concerned about all that sugar you are pumping into your body when drinking your beloved rum?

This month we decided to dive into the spiced rum pool and compare: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum vs Sailor Jerry.

After picking up Brugal 1888, at a significantly higher price point, we wanted to know how it compared to the Brugal Extra Viejo

The idea for Frigate began when friends were sitting around a fire in Abaco, Bahamas smoking cigars, sipping rum and reflecting on life.

With a bottle of Vizcaya VXOP from the Dominican Republic to explore, we settled in to watch the shenanigans.

What Rum Makes the BEST Daiquiri? Captain Morgan Silver, Bacardi, J. Wray, Largo Bay or Cruzan. Head to head taste test!

Three surveyed boats later we are finally back on the water and Pyrat Rum XO Reserve was the very first item we put on board.

As we lifted the wood top cork stopper, El Pasador de Oro XO unleashed its subtle aromas inviting us to explore

This month we sampled Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 year old which, judging but the color, looks more like a finer sipping rum.