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  1. Regarding the recent article “First-Timer’s Guide To The Bahamas” in the September 2014 edition.
    I felt the author must have been a first timer herself due to various novice comments. For example, the crossing being likened to being in a washing machine. Certainly this is possible if one chooses the wrong time to cross, but having made the trip 8 times ourselves, we have yet to be uncomfortable. The author also fails to report the fee for craft under 35′ being $150 & how having documentation speeds the check-in. Further, buying fuel from frequently used docks guarantees nothing. We assumed this as well in Spanish Wells our first trip only to realize after filtering that it was quite dirty. The problem resulted from the rusty fuel delivery barge, not the tanks at the marina.Also, although there are quite nice well stocked groceries in many locations like Rock Sound, or Spanish Wells, far more locations lack adequate supplies & stocking up beforehand is to be encouraged both for convenience & economy.

    • Good morning Jim,

      Just wanted to give you a head’s up that Terry, our Editor, followed up last night via comment. She’d like to use your thoughts in our Letters to the Editor.

      Would that be okay?

  2. Thanks Jim for your comment – I have passed it along to our Editor. Expect to hear a reply shortly.

    Thanks for reading ALL AT SEA!

  3. Mr. O’Dell,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave us a message about an article in our publication. That is truly the only way I know how we are doing. The writer, Vicki Lathom, has been traveling to the Bahamas for several years. I on the other have never been. When Ms. Lathom suggested this article I asked her to write the article with me in mind. She gave me the basics in the space that I allowed. Coming soon I have another article scheduled that dives further into specifics with fuel, spares and provisioning.

    Writers are by no means experts. They pass along the knowledge that they have so that others can learn. With your permission I would like to use your comments in our Letter to the Editor section so that others can take your knowledge to help make their trip to the Bahamas easier. I’m sure the next article on this topic will provide more in-depth information. Knowledge is power. All is worth sharing.

    Thanks again for reading All at Sea Southeast. I always love hearing from our readers.

    Terry Boram

  4. Sheila Young Mogensen

    Quite by chance I noticed the names Norma and Trevor Goodson and their yacht Be-Bop-A-Lulu in your above article.
    I went to school with Norma back in the sixties (Camphill Senior Secondary in Paisley, Scotland).
    We kept in touch while they lived in the Channel Islands and also when they started sailing. However, we lost touch not long after they got Be-Bop-A-Lulu, and I am wondering if you or any of your members know their whereabouts.
    I have lived in Denmark since 1968 and was 5 years in Africa and 3 years in Singapore, so I have not been easy to keep track of.
    I would be most grateful if you could get me in touch with my old friend.
    Thanking you in advance.

    Sheila Young Mogensen
    Flinthøjen 2
    8382 Hinnerup

  5. You really need to put some real stuff in there . I would not read it
    free or whatever . I can see why you have to give it away . A magazine
    is for content not adds . Like supplying ammo for a gun and the user
    gets blanks only

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