There’s something special about being on a deserted tropical beach. Beaches only reachable by boat often fills the bill. ...

Visit a dozen island nations and territories, each with its own flavor and clearing in and out of Customs and Immigrations several times. ...

When you need a white/silver rum to make a mixed drink, be honest, do you pay much attention to what you select ...

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Limericks. What fun! They can be clever, naughty or topical and should give the listener or reader a smile or even a good belly laugh.

Once upon a time it was possible for an idiot to rebuild frozen engine with some wrenches, a sledgehammer and a wooden yard stick

Just in time for their tenth anniversary, the Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) has rolled out their new and updated website

The Ocean Cruising Club, the UK-headquartered ‘home port’ for global adventure sailing for nearly 70 years, gave as good as it got in 2020

Karl James, a two-time Olympian in the Laser Class who started sailing in Antigua at the age of 12, is the new President of the ABSA

Spring officially starts in March, but April is when warmer weather starts. It is good to celebrate with colorful dishes of seafood and fresh vegetables.

The combination of perfect conditions with 15- to 20 knots of breeze out of the east and keen competition made the St. Thomas International Regatta a winner

What’s the latest way to maximize mooring multiple vessels at a single point, while minimizing the dredging linked to the wind and current?

The Bahamas Petroleum Company’s offshore oil exploration project has downplayed the threat of an oil spill to Florida, Cuba and The Bahamas

Due to stricter COVID policies and shutdowns in the Med, we’ve seen more big boats ‘stay local’ and skip the charter season in the Med

Nearly a half dozen boats evenly divided between CSA Spinnaker Racing and Non-Spinnaker Racing took their start at 11 a.m. today in waters off the southeast side of St. Thomas for the Round the Rocks Race

Our son took a stab in the dark this past Christmas and landed on Mocambo Art Edition, Single Barrel 20 year old from Mexico.

Hot competition are what sailors can expect at the 5th Round the Rocks Race (RTR) on March 25 and the 47th St. Thomas International Regatta (STIR)

Mercury Marine introduced their all new 7.4L 600hp V-12 Verado outboard filling the need of large boats hungry for more horsepower

Rot is central to my life. I’m not talking about moral rot—I’m riddled with it—I’m talking about actual rot, physical rot, onboard wood rot

When you have a plethora of fresh herbs, it is wonderful to use them and try them out on new recipes.

There are certain brands that are recognized as reliable and that stand the test of time. Honda is one of those brands

Kirk And Sweeney 18 Year Old - Curious if six more years of aging (and 20 more dollars) makes a difference in overall taste and experience.

The VIPCA first Spring Yacht Show, will showcase USVI-based crewed charter yachts to brokers as well as the beautiful waterfront

STIR, set for March 26 to 28, 2021, are pleased to welcome Cardow Jewelers aboard as sponsor of the prized timepieces that will be awarded to class winners.