Rigs Explained, Mocked, & Pondered

Fatty’s first boat was a wooden double-ender sloop purchased when he was 15 years old

Chances are your boat has the rig it needs. If it doesn’t—buy a new boat, don’t replace the rig. Alas, there are many misconceptions about various rig configurations. Thus, I feel it might be fun to add to the misinformation.  …

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Kick ‘Em Jenny: Grenada’s Underwater Volcano

Kick ’em Jenny is a submarine volcano located at 12°18´N, 61°38´W; approximately eight kilometres (five miles) off the north coast of Grenada. As far as scientists are aware it is the only live underwater volcano in the Caribbean. Thought to be …

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Sailing with Charlie: Oldies & Goodies

Graphics by Anouk Sylvestre

We’ve heard a lot about various groups of mariners not quite fitting into the mold of expectation. ‘Women at the Helm’ is now an interesting monthly column. There are those who sail in ever smaller craft. Rowing across the Atlantic …

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Weather Forecasting With a Barometer

Torricelli experimenting with the barometer. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

With the plethora of weather forecasting apps and other Web-based weather services available to boaters, the humble barometer is often overlooked as a local weather forecasting tool. The yacht’s barometer, in many cases, has been relegated to the role of …

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Women at the Helm: USVI’s Captain Kelsey Dunn

Captain Kelsey Dunn

A long-time love of the water, chance to work side-by-side with her husband and the prospect of seeing and learning something new every day is what led Kelsey Dunn to obtain her 100-ton captain’s license and run term yacht charters. What’s impressive is …

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Antigua Sailing Week: Renascence

Frank Loubaresse’s French Sunfast 3600 Twinl-Jaws 2

One hundred and sixteen teams from 37 different countries raced in the 51st edition of Antigua Sailing Week. Strong trade winds blew all week delivering heaven-sent conditions to over 1,000 competitors.  Sir Peter Harrison’s superyacht Sojana was awarded the coveted …

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Plan NOW for Junkanoo in the Bahamas

During the movie After the Sunset, you will see Pierce Brosnan running through a street festival in the Bahamas. From the moment I saw that scene I wanted to find out more about the festival and someday attend.  Turns out …

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2018 Lionfish Challenge Runs Through September 3

The hunt is on! Harvest lionfish from Florida’s waters and earn the chance to win up to $5,000. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is calling for all Sunshine State divers and anglers to register now at MyFWC.com/Lionfish. …

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Regatta Preview – June to December: Race On!

Discover the Caribbean Dinghy Regatta. Photo: Carlos Lee

The winter and early spring are known as ‘regatta season’ in the Caribbean. Yet there are competitive sailing events in the summer and fall too. Here is a sampling of what’s happening, where and how to join in the fun. …

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How To Conquer Short Term Weather Forecasting

Cirrostratus nebulosus, invisible but revealed by the halo presence. Photo: Wikipedia

Being a boater, whether under power or sail, requires situational awareness. Knowing what to expect from the tides, currents and weather when out on the water can make the difference between a relaxing cruise and a harrowing experience. Tides and …

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Sargassum Weed: Boon or Curse?

Ascension inlet, Curaçao, where vulnerable ecosystems may be under threat. Photo by Els Kroon

Until just a few years ago few people other than marine biologists and researchers had heard about sargassum, but when the invasive weed, originating from the mid-Atlantic Sargasso Sea, began devastating the shorelines of many Caribbean islands, scientists began taking …

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