How to Dock, Moor or Drop Anchor in Florida This Winter

Image Courtesy of IGY Marinas

Florida certainly lives up to its nickname: the Sunshine State. After all, this southeastern U.S. state boasts nearly 3,000 hours of rays annually. Plus, wintertime air and water temperatures that average 79 and 72, respectively, in locations such as Miami, …

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The Joys of Choosing Crew

The Escher kids Paul (9), Henry (6), Betty (11), and Karen (6) forgo a trampoline in the back yard for a trampoline on an ocean-going catamaran. Photo by Lorraine Escher

I live on a St Francis 50 catamaran, called Aphrodite, with my husband, Rick. We have four children, ranging in age from six to 11 years old. This past summer, our family anchored for hurricane season in Woburn Bay, Grenada. From …

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Top ‘Must Try’ Bars of Grenada

Nimrods - modest by day, bustling at night … A rum shop, grocery store and bus stop all in one. Photo by Rosie Burr

Grenada isn’t particularly known for its nightlife. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many fine watering holes. While they may not resemble traditional tourist traps there are more than a few ‘must try’ notable and quirky bars in Grenada. All …

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How to Make Barbados Rum Punch

Terry’s Cooking Light magazine had an article entitled “The Golden Rum Ratio.” It talked about how Barbados, “the Caribbean birthplace of rum,” has a rum punch recipe that is as foolproof as it is versatile. What a great idea for …

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Highlights of the Bahamas Southern Islands

This issue we are going to conclude our exploration of the Bahamas by visiting the remaining southern islands, which are rarely visited compared to other areas of the Bahamas. San Salvador is recognized as the first landing site Christopher Columbus …

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Suntex Selected to Redevelop Las Olas Marina

  Las Olas Marina in Fort Lauderdale will soon be splendidly redeveloped by Suntex Marina Investors LLC. The Dallas, Texas-headquartered company announced in November that it won a bid for this project from the City of Fort Lauderdale. While still …

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How to Clean Your Diesel and Keep it Running Clean

The KTI FilterBOSS COMMANDER 60GPH-vertical

The boats cruisers use to follow their dreams, whether sail or power, usually rely on diesel fuel. It is the lifeblood of engines and generators, and often the one component that receives the least amount of care. Microbial contamination of …

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What to do with Garbage and Trash

We were attempting to clear into Babylon after one of our circumnavigations, when the U.S. Custom’s official began quizzing us about our trash and garbage. Evidently I looked confused because he handed my wife Carolyn a booklet that explained the …

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2017 Fall Caribbean Rally Round-Up

World ARC

Setting sail from the continent to the Caribbean remains one of the great sailing adventures. The last three decades has seen the popularity of cruising in company soar, a concept that’s not new since Christopher Columbus traveled in a fleet …

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Farm to Table or Freezer to Table!

Freshly picked fruits and vegetables are exposed to a lot of light and different temperatures during their journey from farm to table via the grocery store and they lose some of their nutrition. Produce purchased at your local Farmer’s Market …

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Rum Review: Ron Cartavio Solera 12 Years

Our review process began like most – peruse the rum aisle trying to remember what we have already reviewed then schedule time on our boat to enjoy. This month we selected Ron Cartavio Solera 12 year from Peru since Clint …

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For Women Who Would Like to Take the helm

Cruising the Caribbean

I am not a hotshot racer or world cruiser, but after a lifetime of taking part in dinghy and keelboat regattas, and 20 years of living aboard, I have some helming experiences to share. There tends to be two kinds of …

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