Latest from the Caribbean

You want a beach party? Find a perfect sandy strip with palms for shade, a few coconuts, bottle of rum and ‘de music mon.’ If you want more Caribbean ‘flava’ head over to the beach bar.

As the 2021 hurricane season approaches, Puerto del Rey is ready to provide an excellent service for vessels, whether it is located in land or sea

Does boiling vegetables, like carrots, take the nutrition out? Answer: Carrots, actually, are one of those vegetables that nutritionally benefit from cooking

There are far more reasons to love marine electric propulsion than merely because it will allow our species to survive longer

Grenada Bluewater Sailing offers virtual classroom courses that can be completed before traveling to Grenada

You may not be able to walk on water but the Lift eFoil, a surfboard powered by an electric propeller, will let you soar over the seas.

Breadfruit is an extremely versatile vegetable that can be boiled or grilled or turned into dessert

New Sail Pass allows customers to sail up to three times a year - twice in low season and once in high season – for one annual price.

There’s a new U.S. office in the Chesapeake Bay. Ing Kiland will head up this latest location as an associate broker.

The Reef Sampler, the BEYC’s 1968-purchased, 34-foot Maine-built fiberglass ‘lobster’ boat, has been found, refloated, renovated

The USVI Charter Yacht Show will take place November 7 to 10, at IGY’s Yacht Haven Grande St. Thomas Marina

Like Caribbean rums, Plantation Isle of Fiji begins with local sugar cane then distilled using both column and traditional pot stills

Explore St. Croix and get out of the hustle and bustle. World class SCUBA diving and amazing coral reefs along with old world luxury

Antilles Power Marine Center opens up at Marina Puerto del Rey, fulfilling accessibility for the marine parts and services they need.

USVI-only itineraries are perfect for those who’d like to experience a few off-the-beaten-track anchorages.

Not only do I love the America’s Cup but, I’m also enthralled by the foiling AC75s. I love the synergy of the flight/float paradigm

This month we’ve made our favorite summer rum cocktail, the Mojito, to see if your choice of white rum matters.

Going downwind without a pole just doesn’t work for mono-hulls with classic rigs (big headsail, small mainsail) as many cruising boats have.

Now easier and more environmentally friendly to cruise the USVI with the strategic placement of 100 new moorings for transient yachts