One of the most painful aspects of world cruising is clearing-in and clearing-out—often so unnerving that I avoid it whenever possible.

Growing up poor makes you grasp at any improbable tale where the poor man ultimately triumphs. 

While the programs in the USVI and the BVI were initially identical in curriculum, there was a vast difference in the number of membership applications

Poets often write about the joys of falling in love—they seldom mention the painful break-ups that invariably follow.

Joe wanted to be a manly man, despite having some unmanly habits.

Since I grew up aboard, it was always a given that someday I’d circumnavigate—but there was ‘many a slip between the cup and lip’ as they say.

There are far more reasons to love marine electric propulsion than merely because it will allow our species to survive longer

Not only do I love the America’s Cup but, I’m also enthralled by the foiling AC75s. I love the synergy of the flight/float paradigm

Once upon a time it was possible for an idiot to rebuild frozen engine with some wrenches, a sledgehammer and a wooden yard stick

Rot is central to my life. I’m not talking about moral rot—I’m riddled with it—I’m talking about actual rot, physical rot, onboard wood rot

Two things blow my mind—one is that anyone who reads me regularly thinks I have sense; and, two is that the arrangement of my vessel would make sense.

My idea in 1967 was simple: buy a Volkswagen van, drive to California, and sleep with as many beach bunnies as I could. It didn't happen

After over 60 years of living aboard, I’m often asked by lubber and sailor alike, “What’s your favorite island?”

Luckily, my granddaughter Sokú Orion Goodlander came to my rescue—by signing up for the Optimist sailing program at our local yacht club

I predict that, in both the near future and the distant future, that I will make predictions that are completely worthless

The existence of tropical hurricanes—and their massive destructiveness—has been known for a long time. What has changed in modern times is their frequency.

My rasta pal Red Mon, he lives in a little shack on the de beach near de dinghy dock. He say, “Watch de oars, Fatty, de oars tell de story.”

St. Johnian, Joe Colpitt— Caribbean Joe of Virgin Fire, Alien, and Transient fame. Once been mentored by famed multihull designer Dick Newick

I can handle fear. Gulp it down; push it back. Terror is another thing. Terror has a human element and humans scare me in horrific ways