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Capt Bill Eggert

Bill Eggert and his wife Nancy, own a Ranger Tug which they keep on the West River, near Annapolis, Maryland. His book, Gentlemen of the Harbor: Stories of Chesapeake Bay Tugboats and Crews, is available at www.gentlemenofthe harbor.com.

Tugboats Breaking Ice

Credit: Hans Marx

Winter on the upper regions of the Chesapeake Bay can be quite treacherous and unpredictable. Gone are the seemingly hundreds of pleasure power, sail and fishing boats of summer. The thousands of recreational craft are safely on the hard, covered …

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Tugmen of the Chesapeake Bay

The old Curtis Bay Company’s CAPE HENLOPEN in Baltimore Harbor. Photo by Captain Bill Eggert

Tugboats…those diminutive yet all so powerful workhorses of this nation’s deep water ports…such as those of the great Chesapeake Bay. We learned to love tugs as children; they continue to hold a certain fascination for us as adults. The tugs …

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