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Devi Sharp is a retired wildlife biologist and exploring the Caribbean with her husband, Hunter, on their sailboat Arctic Tern.

Ocean Landfills and Trash Soup

Much of the ocean trash washes ashore before it returns to sea and further degrades into tiny bits. Photo: Claudia Reshetiloff www.HealthThatFits.com

Trash transported from poorly managed terrestrial landfills and from rivers, trash liberated by tsunamis and garbage tossed out at sea; fishing nets, buoys and spilled cargo containers are filling the oceans at an alarming rate. Huge areas of many of …

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Zika Virus : Mosquitoes in the News

zika virus mosquitoes : The Tiger mosquito (Aedes aegypti) is the primary vector of the Zika Virus. Photo Muhammad Mahdi Karim

I bet you have heard the news that there is a new mosquito borne illness in the Caribbean and encroaching into North America. Just when we thought we understood a bit about Dengue and Chikungunya, the Zika virus has arrived. These …

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Sea Birds and the Changing Sea

Sea Birds and the Changing Sea:Enter your sightings in eBird: Red Billed Tropicbird. Photo by Charles Shipley

The oceans on our planet are in a state of change and the change may not be good for seabirds. As global temperatures rise, sea levels and sea temperatures rise, and the oceans become more acidic. These changing conditions have …

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A Conch by Any Name is Disappearing

Bahamian men believe the ‘pistol’ will increase their virility. Photography by Devi Sharp

The huge pile of conch shells that can be found on almost any eastern Caribbean island serve as a testamony of the importance of this large marine snail to the culture, ecomony and diet of the islands. Whether you call …

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Ciguatera in Reef Fish: To Eat or Not To Eat?

To avoid ciguatera know what kind of fish you are buying and where it was caught. Photo by Devi Sharp

Lionfish are selling like hotcakes in the fish market in Portsmouth, Dominica.  The local divers have been killing this non-native and invasive species  and locals have taken up the cause by eating the delicious fish. I know that in some …

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Boat Bottom Paint Blister Blues

Applying the second coat of Tough Stuff. Photo by Devi Sharp

We have owned Arctic Tern, an Island Packet 45, since December 2005 and have applied the antifouling paint on the bottom since the first haul out in the summer of 2006. I have always been lucky about getting advice from …

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Parrotfish: Definitely a Fish and Not a Parrot

Parrotfish are brightly colored, large scaled fish that obtain their name from the fused teeth that create a ‘beak’ that they use to rasp algae from coral surfaces. Relatively common on coral reefs in the Caribbean; parrotfish are really quite …

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Are the Coral Reefs in Trouble?

After: This is the same coral that has recovered from bleaching – coral can recover from bleaching events if they are not severe and prolonged. Photo: Adam Glahn You might have heard the rumor that coral reefs are disappearing. I …

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Stay in Shape Exercise on a Boat

It is not perfectly flat, but I can roll out a yoga mat to do exercises on the deck. Photo: Chuck Shipley

For many cruisers it comes as an unwelcome reality that staying fit on a cruising boat takes work. You would think that grinding winches and pumping the head would keep you strong and firm, but it does take more. Exercise …

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Dominica: A Natural Hiking Destination

Dominica is an emerald gem of an island nestled between Guadeloupe and Martinique, in the Leeward Islands. This steep island is the youngest of the Caribbean Islands with several peaks over 4,000ft. Dominica’s greatest attractions are its pristine forests, waterfalls, …

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Christmas Bird Count at Sea

Back in my landlubber days Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs) were always a highlight of the winter holiday season. We would suit up for the weather and spend the day counting birds within our ‘count circle’. At the end of the …

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Grenada Underwater Sculptures in Marine Protected Area

Vicissitudes is the signature sculpture in the park and honors the diverse ethnic backgrounds of the children of Grenada. Photography courtesy of Scuba tech

Grenada Underwater Sculptures We have passed the Moliniere-Beausejour Marine protected area on the leeward side of Grenada, just north of St. George’s, countless times. This year curiosity overcame us and we decided to explore the area. The dual attraction of …

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Montserrat – In the Shadow of the Volcano

Approaching Montserrat from the south we see a stark rubble hillside with a high mountain wearing a cap of cloud and there is a faint smell of sulfur from the Soufriere Hills volcano. A stop in Montserrat has been on …

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Gyres Big Trash Eddies and Rubber Ducks

How do seeds from vines in Mexico end up in Norway and Japanese fishing floats find their way to Alaska? The same way 29,000 bathtub toys washed up almost 2500 miles away on the shores of Alaska

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Sea Beans from the Forest to the Beach

If a sea bean could tell you its story you would hear about tall tropical forests, streams and rivers, trips in ocean currents, time spent swirling in an ocean eddy with other floating objects and an eventual landfall on a beach in the sea wrack.

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Shell Games with Hermit Crabs

I admit when I saw a line of hermit crabs holding onto each other stretching across the sandy path at Two Foot Bay, I thought it was about sex. I was wrong; it was about real estate.

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I Love My Kindle

I resisted the Kindle until I had read the first Stieg Larsson book in paperback and was offered the next two books on my husband's Kindle. My curiosity overcame my reluctance to embrace this new technology.

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