It is not clear exactly where the drydock split in half but we do know that a wing wall tank took a journey from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic

What is Ciguatera Poisoning? What are the Symptoms AND How should you buy fish to Avoid it? Also some common myths to avoid.

We were satisfied the bottom boat paint until small blisters appeared under the fresh paint at the water line and on the rudder.

For cruisers it comes as an unwelcome reality that staying fit on a cruising boat takes work. You need to be creative to Exercise on a Boat

Dominica has peaks over 4,000ft and its greatest attractions are pristine forests, waterfalls, hiking trails and incredibly friendly people.

How do seeds from vines in Mexico end up in Norway and Japanese fishing floats find their way to Alaska? The same way 29,000 bathtub toys washed up almost 2500 miles away on the shores of Alaska

If a sea bean could tell you its story you would hear about tall tropical forests, streams and rivers, trips in ocean currents

Sixty-eight yachts ranging in size from the 26-foot, David Boyd Sloop, Springtide, to the 180-foot Andre Hoek Ketch, Marie, competed in the 24th Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.