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Barb Hart lives aboard La Luna, a 47-foot sailboat, with her husband Stew. They’re filling the cruising kitty in St. Thomas prior to a planned Atlantic crossing in 2014. Barb’s blog is http://www.HartsAtSea.com

The Chicken Bus

The chicken bus is also a work of art. Photo by Barbara J. Hart

With five years of cruising under our keel—mostly in the Caribbean—we’re old hands at riding the local buses and safaris, and used to small island countries where we can travel from one end to the other in an hour. Panama …

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Our Kook’s Tour of Guna Yala

Our island neighbor in East Lemmon Cays. Photo by Barbara Hart

A ‘Cook’s Tour’ is a ‘guided but cursory tour of the major features of a place or area’. It’s named after Thomas Cook, founder of the British travel agency that bears his name, and a fervent member of the temperance league. …

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St. Thomas to Guna Yala: Tough But Never Horrific

A shot of me at the wheel after things had gotten a bit better but before the auto pilot could be trusted. Photo by Barbara Hart

We’re anchored next to the island of Sabudupored in the Panamanian region of Guna Yala, also known as the San Blas Islands. We’re in an isolated anchorage with only one other boat, surrounded by reefs and a few tiny, sandy, …

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When Cruisers Charter

Peter and LeeAnn of Two Much Fun with crew, Mimi, aboard La Luna

Some of our best cruising friends run charter boats. All of those best cruising friends are better cooks than me, and all seemed to enjoy shopping for and acquiring a variety of serving and dining dishes so they can better …

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Sticky Sint Maarten

We know where we want to go but can we leave St. Maarten?

How can one not love an island with two harmonious countries, three languages, cheese, wine, baguettes, and a racing fleet of misses: Miss Tyknight, Miss Issippi, Miss Spent, and my personal favorite, Miss Tandfog? We had visited St. Maarten/St. Martin …

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Cruising: A Life of Howdies & Goodbyes

Cockpit party, (from left): Karel Dimitri, Tahani Li; Diana Hill, One White Tree; Phil Tenney, Tahani Li; Eric Toyer, Amarula; Lynn Dorning Sands, Amarula and ‘EW’ Hart from La Luna. Photo: www.HartatSea.com

During the 2011 hurricane season, Miss Kitty, from the sailboat Falcon, led the Grenada Cruiser’ Net every Saturday, beginning our day in her husky southern drawl with, “Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!”  After the weather, she’d welcome new cruisers to …

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Boats in Paradise: The Beginning

Exit Strategy

One beautiful Indian Summer day, she came home from work and stated, “We need an Exit Strategy.” “What do you mean?” he asked. “Well, we’ve had a lot of Happy Times, but I feel like we’re Just Drifting. I’m ready …

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

This apology and announcement goes out to cruisers in St. Thomas this winter. If you see a blond woman, rowing a red inflatable dingy, assume she is exercising. It’ll save a lot of time and help me keep up my …

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THE Quintessential Cruising Photo

Recently, the editor of All At Sea asked contributors for photos that best demonstrate the meaning of ‘Cruising’. His Email said: “Possibilities are endless for a photo that depicts the Caribbean cruising lifestyle.” I didn’t submit a photo as images …

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CRUISERS! Hint: They are NOT Found on Cruise Ships!

We first arrived in St. Thomas in April; six months after leaving Maine aboard our 47ft Pedrick designed Cheoy Lee. We’d cruised in the Bahamas, visited Luperón in the Dominican Republic, and Salinas in Puerto Rico—none of which had prepared …

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