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Tez Plavenieks is an experienced freelance writer who specialises in action sports and travel. Visit: http://tezplavenieks.com

State of Play – Reasons to Windsurf

Loop … Photo: PROtography

Prophets of doom in the last few years have predicted the demise of windsurfing but after a recent overseas trip – and conversations with wind nuts aplenty – it’s pretty apparent there’s as much thirst for the sport as ever. …

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Stick Surfing – Wave Riding for Stand Ups

SUP Surfing

Stand up paddle surfing. You know, that thing people who can’t surf do. Catching waves with a stick in their hand – looks lame … The amount of times I’ve heard similar comments is more than I’ve woken from a …

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SUP Design Trends

RRD surf SUP. Photo by Tez Plavenieks

Stand up paddle boarding is an incredibly versatile beast – SUPs are almost limitless with what they can help you achieve. Tez Plavenieks talks us through common SUP design trends. All-rounders All-round boards are most common. They look like scaled …

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Baby on Board: Paddling while Pregnant

Baby on board. Photo by Tez and Fi Plavenieks

When my wife told me we were expecting our first child I was over the moon. But one thought did strike me: What about Fi? Is she still going to be able to get on the water? My wife does …

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Grenada

The stand up paddle boarding potential of Grenada is astounding. An untouched ‘sweepers’ paradise, the Spice Isle is completely under the radar as far as SUP (and most other watersports) go. After working on the island in 2004, my wife …

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Kayak Tours in Grenada

Photography by Fi Plavenieks

Paddling off across an azure sea, trade winds tempering the soaring heat, lush green vegetation overhanging from the land and stunning vistas in every direction, you’ve arrived in kayak tours paradise. Grenada is a wonderfully vibrant, colourful and diverse Caribbean …

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Freestyle Flow: Up Close With Ruben Petrisie

Ruben Petrisie. Photo: Tristan Siefert

The Caribbean is a colourful and vibrant place. It’s therefore unsurprising that the islands’ inhabitants are no less extrovert and talented. Ruben Petrisie is one of those individuals. A professional windsurfer, Ruben also spits riddims and flow with ease. Tez …

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Guide to Windsurfing Antigua

Fi chop hopping in paradise. Photos by Chris Morgan

Picture yourself blasting across bubblegum blue water – a small ramp forming every now and then to launch off. Never too windy but always some form of breeze. Heading back to shore the tropical greenery flutters in the wind and …

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Brian Talma – Action Man!

A call to action! Photography by Kenny Hewitt

Enigmatic and colourful, Brian Talma is no shrinking violet when it comes to promoting his beloved Barbados and water sports. With a call to arms of ‘ACTION!’ hollered at any available opportunity, Brian’s enthusiasm and warm personality instantly rubs off. …

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Travels With My Inflatable SUP Board

Grand Anse shore break SUP action

Paddling over stunningly blue water, sharing a moment with a group of playful manta rays, riding a secluded wave on the Atlantic coast before rounding off the day with a beer as the sun dips below the horizon – what …

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