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Sailors of the Past

Sailors of the Past: The year is 1917 and Hollandia is launched in Anna Bay, Curaçao

Enter the elegant foyer of the new seaside Terramar Museum in downtown Kralendijk, Bonaire and you will be greeted by stunning images from the maritime past—young Bonairean deckhands daringly diving from mast tops, burly dock workers moving heavy cargo at …

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The End of an Era: Eight Bells for Captain Don

Don Stewart reminisces about his sailing days. Photography by Patrick Holian

When I first met Don Stewart he was 86-years-old and wheelchair-bound. But my idea of a typical octogenarian soon vanished. Stewart’s wheelchair was armed with a .22 caliber rifle. He sat there with a smile on his face while massaging …

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Resurgent Bonaire Sailing

Dolphin off the bow of Southern Caribbean Sailing’s Valk, coast of Bonaire

Bonaire is an island with a rich maritime past. For generations, its sailors left for jobs in the merchant marine, first on sailing schooners and then on conventional freighters. The Bonaire International Regatta came later and is now in its …

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The Winds of Change with Green Cargo

Tres Hombres is more than just a cargo boat on a voyage. Netherlands-based Fairtransport believes it can be competitive in an oil-driven maritime world by delivering cargo the old fashioned way, by wind and sail.

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