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Jellyfish Sting? BEST Treatment Tips!

Jellyfish : Purple-striped Jelly (Chrysaora Colorata)

At any time during the year and in every ocean, swimmers and divers encounter jellyfish. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, from translucent to vibrant colors like pink, yellow, purple, and even luminescent. They range in size …

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Let’s Talk VHF

All radios have a clip and slot for inserting the cord for a wristlet. The radio is meant to be carried with the boater. Photo by Helen Aitken

Marine VHF radios aren’t required on recreational boats less than 66 feet long, though they are extremely useful on any vessels including kayaks and paddleboards. New radios are waterproof, work submerged, float, have longer battery life and have better warranties …

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Flare Types and Requirements

Photo by Helen Aitken

Marine flares are listed under two categories: United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved flares, and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) which meet minimum international requirements but are not certified in the United States. USCG approved flares are required for …

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Blue Gas Marine Pioneers Natural Gas Marine System

Twin Mercury Verado 300 engines that have our Natural Gas EFI system installed. These are the first hybrid Mercurys that run on Gasoline or Natural Gas, on demand. Photo Credit: BGM

Each time gas prices rise, boaters take a hit. A cheaper, cleaner alternative arrives in 2015 using natural gas (NG). Blue Gas Marine, Inc. (BGM) in Apex, N.C. has pioneered NG hybrid-fuel technology for boats, and a NG station delivery …

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Sails for Sustenance: Old Sails Find New Use

These sails were received by fishermen in Ile-a-Vache (Cow Island), 2012. Photo contributed by Sails For Sustenance

Situated in the Caribbean on the island of Hispaniola, and bordered by the Dominican Republic, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It has endured natural disasters, unstable governments, poor living conditions and human tragedy. “Fishing is one …

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Sunfish World Championships Come to Camp Sea Gull

Photo Credit: Laurence Mass

The International Sunfish Class Association (ISCA) and Camp Sea Gull in North Carolina, will host the 2014 Sunfish Youth World Championship October 8-12, and Sunfish World Championship October 11-18. Sailors from 15 countries will compete, including #1 World ranking, David …

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Dolphin Strandings Bring Concern

A 204cm shark-bitten female bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) found dead stranded on the shore of Calico Creek, Morehead City, NC on 02 June 2014. Photo by Keith Rittmaster

Coastal residents have reported seeing an increase in the numbers of dolphins stranded on the beaches over the last year. A few survive; the majority are not so fortunate. Although this is not the first incidence of dolphins in trouble, …

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Hook, Line and Recycling Fishing Line

The improper placement of a monofilament recycling bin at Atlantic Beach, N.C. Photo by Keith Rittmaster

Fishing line is designed to bring in big fish without breaking, to carry heavy weights and lures, and to run behind mega fishing boats. It’s also problematic. Strength coupled with a biodegradable time-line of nearly 600 years, means that generations …

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Character Development at Camp Sea Gull

Photo courtesy of Camp Seafarer and Camp Sea Gull

Nestled among North Carolina pines and bordered by 3,000 feet of Neuse River coastline, Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer provide preteens, teens and families with great sea and land experiences. These YMCA branch camps are located in Arapahoe, 25 …

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Could You Pass a Vessel Safety Check?

Pat Hardee inspects Roy Thompson’s boat during a 2014 VSC. Photo by Helen Aitken

The weather is getting warmer and for most of us, boating season is here. May 17-24, 2014 is Safe Boating Week, and is the perfect reminder to inspect your boat’s mechanical systems, brush up on navigational regulations and check the …

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ENVIBOATS: You Build – Others Envy

Ed Roberson and co-worker, Chris McGhee celebrate the whiskey plank on the port side. Photo courtesy of Ed Roberson

If you’ve decided to build a boat using a kit, think about ENVIBOATS. Don’t expect their designs to be a prepackaged, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kit. It’s so different, they call it “The Build.” “It’s the cheapest way to buy a custom boat …

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James Moores, Classic Wooden Boat Restorer

Moores Marine Yacht Center sign MMYC has a logo with two burgees flying in opposite directions. The “M” stands for Moores and the trumpet with scrollwork represents the yacht center with a nod to the boats that have signature scrollwork along their bow. Photo Credit: Helen Aitken

Moores Marine, Inc. has completed more than 100 major restoration projects in their 35 years of expert service. Names like Trumpy and Defoe are a few of the names in representation at the Moores facility; owners of these iconic crafts, …

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Knowing When to Keep Quiet

SJO Illustrations

I tend to give advice on everything. I can’t help it, maybe it’s the teacher in me coming out. I just want to be helpful. When dealing with my husband Scott, it’s better to know when “helping” is annoying. For …

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Making Waves: Linwood Parker III and Parker Boats

Linwood Parker III

Linwood Parker III grew up around boats, always wanted to work on the water, and attributes his career to his upbringing on Harkers Island, N.C., an area historically famous for boat building. “I had the advantage, in the 50s, growing …

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Teaching Future Boatbuilders

Teaching Future Boatbuilders

North Carolina’s Carteret County is famous for its history of wooden boat making. It is also home to some of the best boatbuilding educators. Boatbuilding programs are scarce. Traditional wooden boatbuilding and composite construction programs sanctioned by the Accrediting Commission …

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The Last Wooden Shrimp Trawler

Chadwick Boat Works is assembling what might be the last wooden shrimp trawler built in eastern North Carolina. With the present economy, seafood importation, taxes and regulations, and a reduction in the local commercial fishing industry, there may not be …

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Experience Retro-Luxury on a Trumpy Motor Yacht

Modern boats boast fiberglass hulls, prefabricated components and fast engines. But some boaters would rather turn back the clock a few decades to the classic wooden boats built for relaxed, refined yachting. From 1909-1974, renowned naval architect John Trumpy designed …

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