Spices make our food taste great. The Caribbean is blessed with a climate and verdant islands that support the growth of many herbs and spices

In the Caribbean we rely on rich people – for villa and yachting holidays and for setting up offshore business accounts to mitigate high taxes

Every time you go sailing something is likely to go wrong, break, get jammed, cease working. It might even be a stubbed toe

By mid-October, charter boats will be preparing for what will likely be a very busy season. It’s time for locals to step as sailors

Provisioning for an extended period is essential – and still folks are flummoxed. Why? Because they’re not sailors.

Traditional pirates led a tough life but it was one of freedom and adventure – one with wooden ships and iron men, quite opposite to today’s plastic ships and jelly bellies

Over the years Charlie has had many types of guests on board his various charters

With improving technology and yacht design the lifestyle is simpler and more comfortable than before and the older generation are finding it rewarding

Rum drinking in the Royal Navy didn’t start because of a generous Admiralty. It began because water and beer went sour on long voyages

Nautical navigation has come a long way in the last four decades. In 1980 GPS was only just over the horizon (pun intended) for private use.

December is all about the festive season and Christmas is a huge celebration in the Caribbean

Going green used to mean that someone was about to be sea sick – not any more

So you’ve decided to quit the rat race. You’ve found the perfect boat, good rig, sails, engine, instruments and ground tackle.

Have you noticed how many boxes are sailing in Caribbean waters these days. There are big ones, little ones, giant ones, cheap ones and expensive ones.

At the end of the trip no tip was forthcoming. he had relinquished the expected gratuity by his rejection of what many would take to be a generous offer

There’s so much bad news on the airwaves, cyber space and public media that it is really heart-warming to witness acts of kindness and generosity.

Charlie often wonders about the origin of the species, especially in the context of sailing and the sea.

a) If a credit card captain is spotted be ready for any and all eventualities. b) Sharks always have right of way and avoid by any means.

What Swimsuit to Wear on Vacation? There isn’t a red-blooded boy around who does not appreciate a pretty girl in a brief bikini.