Who created the Piña Colada? What is in the official Piña Colada recipe? Where can you find the best one on Puerto Rico?

Social Distancing! I study cruise ship itineraries so as not to cross paths. People skills are not my forte. That’s why I really like these solo-friendly swathes of sand. 

“Plenty of cayes for exploring,” says Pacôme Touzé, manager of the Belize Dream Yacht Charter base

Sharon, and I have sailed the British Virgin Islands several times but it’s been six years since our last charter. First time for our crew...

I dragged... I failed to sufficiently establish one of the most important members of a quartet of must-dos when it comes to anchor hold. Learn why

Attempt to bring a 40' boat to the dock. In reverse. The boat’s not mine (lesson one – know your vessel) and I have never Mediterranean-moored in my life.