Before we review the gear, it is critical to understand the commitment required to maintain underwater photo gear.

In our previous chapters we covered Eagle, Southern, and Caribbean Rays because they are the most commonly encountered by our readers. However, those three barely scratch the surface since there are over 500 known species of rays and skates

Visibility gradually began to clear and just above the wreck, to greet me, was an entire school of Spotted Eagle Rays flying along in the water off the wreck's bow.

Here are a few experiences from my scuba instructing career. Ask yourself, "Is this you or someone you know?" If so, perhaps it is time to consider becoming a certified diver, or recertify and refresh your skills.

Southern and Caribbean Stingrays

One of my favorite sea creatures is the much-maligned ray...

There is no end in sight to the human and ecological damage resulting from the Deep Water Horizon disaster. This is a list of events that we do know, along with a brief but disturbing list of what we do not know.

Scientists studying the largest of the new islands know it by several names including the Pacific Trash Vortex, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the Eastern Pacific Patch.

On March 18, 2010, in Doha, Qatar, the proposal to ban was defeated, leaving the world's decimated Bluefin stocks once again at the mercy of ICCAT's habitual failures. The voting members of CITES issued the Bluefin Tuna's express ticket to extinction

Another fact drilled into our heads in school was that only plants produce chlorophyll. Not so says Dr. Sidney K. Pierce, University of South Florida Tampa, and his research partners!

Status of the endangered species, the Bluefin Tuna.