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A Second Try with Manta

Most hurricane seasons bring a mass exodus of boats south to Grenada, Trinidad and the Coast of Venezuela. Unfortunately, in 2004, with hundreds of boats taking safe haven in Grenada, Hurricane Ivan took dead aim on the island and pretty …

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Genoa Block Placement

How many times have you run forward on your racing or cruising boat to tend to something and along the way stubbed your toe on the Genoa sheet lead block? Some racing boats have up to three tracks, each with …

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Doug Stewart: The Life of a Sail-Maker

Born April 23, 1963. New Jersey On my 4th birthday, my mother informed me that she was moving to Tortola but my father was not coming with us. We lived down in the West End for a year and my …

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Looking for a Good Cruising Sail?

Here are some tips and guidelines when shopping for a woven Dacron cruising sail to be used in the Caribbean. The most important factor in making a good cruising sail is the type of fabric that will be used. Unfortunately …

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