There is no doubt that the revitalisation of the CMA is essential to the increasing recognition of yachting to the Caribbean's tourism industry.

As an association representing the interests of eight national associations and individual marine businesses, the CMA has identified several areas of priority

The CMA is the regional association representing the voice of the national marine trade associations throughout the Caribbean. At present, there are eight national member associations in the CMA.

For more than 60 years the value of yachting to the Caribbean's tourism industry has been unrecognised and unappreciated despite the yachting impact study in the ECLAC Report of 2002 but all that is set to change.

Antigua made a massive move to further expand their dominance of the Yacht Industry in the Caribbean today by offering that all goods and services for genuine yachts in transit will be free of all taxes and duties.

Yet again the annual Nelson's Pursuit Race hosted by the Antigua Yacht Club was a great success. Held each year on 31st December, the race start and finish is off English Harbour, the entrance to Nelson's Dockyard.

Run aground off the Spithead Channel, Nonsuch bay, Antigua in February this year, a Swan 82, new in 2008, was re-launched October 19 after extensive repairs.

Antigua is gearing itself up for the club's Classic Regatta, to be held between 16th and 21st April, and for a revamped 42nd annual Sailing Week whi