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Sails In Space

Sails in Space

For a long time we have run an advertisement in North Sails entitled: “Sails built in Space.” The uniqueness of this moulding technology justifies the advertisement. The photo of the suspended sail maker over a 3DL/ 3DI mould, though an …

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Sailcloth … Art and Science

Sailcloth...Art and Science

The use of sails is as old as history itself. Maybe the modern era was born with the yacht America in 1851. She sailed to Cowes and unlike her fellow competitors had not only chosen cotton for her sails but …

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Modern sloops have a furling headsail and a mainsail, staysails are far from untypical. Here are some pointers on the benefits of staysail use on a cruising rig.

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Short history of sailmaking and the choosing of this art form as an exciting career.

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Textile Rigging

We are seeing more and more composite rigging. The idea of exchanging well-tried wire or rods for PBO or Carbon fibers may seem strangely uncomfortable but may become the norm.

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Inflatable Battens

North Sails shares some experience with Inflatable Battens including the benefits, what to expect and how to install.

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Full Batten Mainsails

Full batten mainsails are an absolutely amazing sail to behold. The technology is not out of reach however. Here are some pointers on what to buy and how to install.

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From Kings to Sewer Rats in Valencia 2007

The royal families of Europe  are meeting in Valencia. The rich moor their megayachts  offshore and in the heart of the new port. Big business executives are pursuing marketing strategies hoping to increase their companies’ fortunes while millions watch the …

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Furling Genoas

North Sails discusses Furling Genoas including what to expect, what to look for, how to maintain and proper sheeting angles.

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Asymetrical Sails

Asymmetrical Sails - how they came about, the improvements coming from the large regattas and some things to consider before buying.

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