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Pudley Dope

We had swashbuckling characters back then—real people from life's cubby holes who formed the newly-created crewed charter boat business

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The Sandblasters

Google Earth can zoom you down from outer space to a thousand dream destinations. But you will only see a smudged bunch of isolated dots along the Caribbean coast of Panama. This area has always been hidden—A 100 mile-long string …

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The Colombia Coast Guard Wants You!

The yacht cruising world has discovered Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. This beautiful historic city, its friendly people, and its yacht facilities have become a desirable cruising port-of-call in the Caribbean. The most noticeable calling card is the tranquil lifestyle of …

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Tortola’s Sailor from the Purple Palace

The only redeeming quality of old age is the memories you collect far in the past. We are authored from the lives of so many miscellaneous characters: Good and bad, Short and tall, Poor and famous, God bless them all. …

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