Since small recreational vessels are not required to carry a Search and Rescue Transponders, what is the justification of having one onboard?

The path to build a new yacht from boat show to sea trial usually takes many twists and turns. An experienced, credentialed marine surveyor is a must

Shipyards have gone bankrupt, owners have walked away from their unfinished yacht, unforeseen design problems and yard work have all plagued new builds.

In distress? The faster that search and rescue authorities can be alerted the quicker that a coordinated search and rescue operation can begin

When disaster strikes onboard an assessment must be made whether to abandon the vessel. Save a life and review the Tips on WHEN and HOW to Abandon Ship.

Know the steps as apparent wind approaches gale force and practice them in calm weather. Build the skills needed to overcome the challenge.

Combining knowledge of the points of sail with the aerodynamics of pull and push allows a sailor to practice the art of sail trim

Currents act exactly like the moving sidewalks at an airport. Walking with the direction of a moving sidewalk speeds you up, and against slows you down.

Tides are the vertical rise and fall of sea level caused by the effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon, the Sun, and the rotation of Earth

Lots of weather forecasting apps and other Web-based weather services available to boaters, the barometer is overlooked as a local weather forecasting tool.

Good ground tackle is the cheapest insurance that can be purchased. The key component is the anchor. What is the difference between the Anchor Designs?

It's the hull shape that determines the boat's performance. Difference between a Planing / Displacement / Semi-Displacement / Cathedral Hull

Sailing ships of the 1800's gave way to steam powered propulsion systems to move cargo ships and ferries to windward. Today's boaters have options

Stabilizer technology has had major upgrades in the ensuing 40 plus years, but many of those early concepts remain the same.

Clean your Diesel! Microbial contamination loves diesel fuel. The water at the bottom of the diesel tank serves as a perfect medium for microorganisms.

Sound signals for vessels in restricted visibility whether underway at anchor / aground, day or night, are the subject of Rule 35 (COLREGS).

Powered vessels underway and in sight of other vessels use sound signals to indicate maneuvers. What do they mean and how are they used?

Masters of yachts and ships of 100m or more in length must make sure that their vessels have a whistle, a bell and a gong on board. Why?