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An avid amateur photographer, Charles Shipley was a Professor of Computer Science until his retirement in 2005, when he and his wife Barbara moved aboard their Kadey-Krogen 48 North Sea Tusen Takk II. They have been cruising the Caribbean since January 2007.

Underwater Photography 101

Underwater Photography 101

I got into underwater photography shortly after learning how to scuba dive in the very early ‘90s. I already owned a near-top-of-the-line Nikon SLR, so it was a natural to put it in a housing and take it below the surface. …

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Why Diving on Scuba is Better Than Snorkeling


My wife Barbara and I have been cruising the Caribbean since January 2007. We have noticed that most of our cruising friends not only enjoy the sights and experiences that can be found above the sea, but also those under …

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Colorful Shrimp of Bonaire

Colorful Shrimp of Bonaire: Male Banded Coral shrimp. Photo by Charles ‘Chuck’ Shipley

As a frequent diver in the clear waters of Bonaire, I have become obsessed with observing the little creatures that reside there. Among my favorites are the colorful shrimp. Some species are found on certain coral, and many live in …

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Razorfish of Bonaire

Green Razorfish, female. Photo by Charles (Chuck) Shipley

Bonaire: one of the premiere diving locations in the world. There are many reasons, including the supportive infrastructure, the diving freedom, wealth of diving sites and the relative clarity of the water. But another feature that I personally appreciate is …

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Leatherback Turtles on the Coast of Trinidad

The author and his wife gently touch a leatherback turtle. Photography by Charles Shipley

On July 4th we joined a number of other cruisers for a trip with Jesse James, of ‘Members Only’ Maxi Taxi Service fame, for a night-time visit to the shore near the village of Matura, in the northeast corner of …

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Blennies of Bonaire

Photo by Chuck Shipley

Bonaire has long been recognized as a fish-watchers’ paradise. Blessed with gin-clear waters and protective legislation that has declared the waters surrounding the entire island a marine park, the island abounds with interesting fish to see – especially in the …

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Caribbean Reef Squid Facts

Photo by Charles Shipley

My wife Barbara and I recently spent two three-month periods in Bonaire, diving almost every day. One of our favorite photographic subjects was the Caribbean Reef Squid, a creature with amazing brainpower, keen vision, and a unique ability to communicate. …

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