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Bottom Paint Guide: How to Choose Antifouling Paint

So what is the best anti-fouling paint for your boat? How do you choose from all those paints that are on the market? We have already seen that type of water, boat usage, and water temperature will have an effect on the type of anti-fouling paint tha

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USVI Open – On Board Blue Bayou with an All-Woman Team

In this year’s USVI Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament only one boat—Blue Bayou, a 61’ Viking out of Lafayette, Louisiana—carried four experienced female anglers, a St. Thomas first in this male-dominated sport. Who are these women who fish the deep sea …

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2006 Angostura Tobago Sailing Week

The Racing Fierce competition and fair-play were the hallmarks of Angostura’s Tobago Sail Week 2006. Although the sailors at Crown Point Beach Resort regatta compound were very friendly while on land, they became fiercely competitive when they hit the race …

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Boat Buying Guide Boat Maintenance Costs

A boat has to be taken care of in order to operate properly and retain her eye appeal. The saltwater marine environment is tough on everything, and what the saltwater doesn’t attack, the Caribbean sun does.

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Get Away to St. Kitts

St. Kitts, according to the Department of Tourism, is 23 miles long and 5 miles across. This lovely, guitar-shaped island boasts miles of deserted beaches, acres of open land, an impressive fort, a gorgeous rain forest and very friendly people. …

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Why does Boat Insurance Cost So Much?

All At Sea asks the boat insurance experts... Why does boat insurance cost so much? What can boat owners do to keep their insurance costs down? What are the requirements to qualify for boat insurance?

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