Whadda you do with your charter guests who are on their fourth charter and want a unique island to explore? If you are in the Dutch Antilles, take them to Saba.

Why is it that the worst squalls seem to come at night when you’re on charter?

Some sailors dream of sailing around the world, with or without charterers. But soon we could be sailing over the world unless you’re afraid of heights!

There's nothing better than having some of your family on a Christmas charter unless you usually don't get along

Things sometimes go wrong with a charter. Best to be prepared and take everything as an adventure.

One of the most important aids to the sailor other than the equipment on his boat is a lighthouse. Partly because lighthouses help keep us safe, we grow fond of them

We went for a cruise under sail. Would most people do that today? No way! The sails would remain furled, the engine running along with the generator for air conditioning and videos.

Jeannie Kuich shares some highlights from the early days of chartering in the Caribbean.

A charter guest asked me this peculiar question while we were sailing through the Narrows between Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and St. John i

Are you a boat whacker or a boat caresser? It seems to depend upon your sex and the sex of the boat

"Coast Guard! Coast Guard!" A slight pause and then again: "U. S. Coast Guard! This is Intrepid.

When you live on a boat there’s nothing more satisfying than catching your dinner

Having charter guests return for the second time may put you into a dilemma

During another down time between charters when we took Avenir II to Leinster Bay on the north side of St. John

Your charter is over and now you have a long break before the next one. What to do? Watch that porn movie?