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Privacy and Pets on Charters

Privacy is sometimes non-existent for charter crews in small boats. If the forepeak is a guest cabin, you have either the main salon, the cockpit, the engine room or the deck.

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Do the Islands Move Around?

A charter guest asked me this peculiar question while we were sailing through the Narrows between Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and St. John i

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Cruising Tales: A Very Special Christmas Day

When by the luck of the draw, the whim of the charterer, the gamble of air flights, icky U. S. weather or for whatever reason that gives you time off on Christmas day, take advantage of it. DO SOMETHING COMPLETELY …

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Cruising Tales: Bermuda – The Devil’s Isles

Fifty-four hours under spinnaker—can you believe it!? It was our first sea trip with Avenir II in 1970 and it was as idyllic as one could ever want. By the time we reached the entrance through the high, abrupt limestone …

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