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Got you Hooked yet?

You’ve read two of my fishing tales. Hooked yet? Maybe not, maybe you think I’m one of those past-their-sell-by-date people who don’t really know what they’re talking about. Wrong! I mean, just look at this photo. Those are my yellow …

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Meet Mrs Fixit – That’s Me!

“Worse things happen at sea,” my mom used to say. She was right. My dad would say, “The damn fool who designed this should be hanged” and he’d have been right too, especially if he’d said that about my fuel …

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Huntin, Shootin, n Fishin? Easy!

Well, the hunting’s easy.I know, because I sometimes hunt out cockroaches, but shooting them? No, leave that to experts. Fishing, now, that has to be easy. I mean, just look at this photo. This big guy, Hassan, he comes up …

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The Race Against Time

It was a horrid crossing.I set off from the Cape Verde Islands, just me and my cat, she mewling plaintively and me, well, wondering what the hell I was doing, crossing the Atlantic at my age, 68, alone, in a …

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Naming a Boat… What’s in a Name? Asked Shakespeare

I was packing my duffel, about to fly out to Australia to sail for a few months. “We’ve some relatives in New Zealand,” said my mother. “You could look them up.”She paused. “They’ve got one of those embarrassing names, if only I could …

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