Twenty-two years ago, Jost Van Dyke resident, bar owner and calypsonian Foxy Callwood noticed the growing dominance of multihulls in the BVIs’ robust charter industry. Together with friends at the ‘Loyal West End Yacht Club’, Foxy decided to create an event to see what those boats could do

The practice of moving livestock on small boats is nothing new for Jost Van Dyke and was once a usual occurrence in the days before the islands's booming tourism industry...

The Conservation and Fisheries Department has teamed up with Tortola-based publisher 'A Looking Glass' and local BVI sponsors to produce the 2nd edition of the BVI Marine Awareness Guide.

For the first time in about twenty years on Jost Van Dyke, island youth are paddling these small, roughly constructed boats, better known as bateaux, as part of an activity organized by the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society.