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Yacht Club Kids

On a recent Saturday morning a fleet of Optimists set sail from Cowpet Bay on St. Thomas to nearby Christmas Cove on Great St. James. Manning the helms were a bunch of tiny sailors. “I did the main sheet and …

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Boating Insurance – Another Perspective

It’s a migration that occurs every year; hundreds of boaters making their way south for a few months to ride out the tropical storms and ease their boating insurance. Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados are some of the islands usually well outside …

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St. John’s Hurricane Hole

In the season of hurricanes and unpredictable tropical storms, history shows there’s more likely to be a miss than a hit. But if you’ve lived on an island for a while, you know that when the weather guy starts calling a storm by …

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Coral Reef National Monument

Below the surface of the calm azure waters surrounding St. John lives a thriving tropical marine ecosystem. Humpback and pilot whales, dolphins, brown pelicans and sea turtles all use the waters to forage, breed, nest and rest. It’s a spawning habitat for commercially important groupers …

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