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Adding a House Bank

Usually the hardest part of adding extra amp hours is finding space for the batteries. Despite considerable advancement in battery technology they're still large, heavy objects.

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Good Decisions Require Good Info from Ammeters

Although the new Blue Seas voltage meters function perfectly and provide accurate real time information on battery condition, they do not monitor amperage so we're going to go ahead and install a new ammeter as well.

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Choosing Safe Cables for Your Boat

Unfortunately, the time I spent inside the main electrical panel installing the new voltage meters revealed an issue of more immediate concern which would have to be corrected before any new projects would be started.

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Working in the Engine Room

The problem is that there is still no escaping the fact that Wired is a 30 year-old boat, and harbors some old equipment and outdated thinking which extends to the onboard electrical system. Complex and cumbersome might be fitting adjectives.

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Two Classics Get Some Much Needed Attention

Having been recently replaced by a newer, flashier model, and hailing from a land steeped in a tradition of boat builders and shipwrights, I eagerly accepted my friend's offer to hang out on his vintage Hatteras motor yacht.

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