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Whipping a Rope with Palm and Needle

How to whip a Rope

Whipping a Rope – A Quick How To Guide Yacht rigging guru Brion Toss, author of The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice: Tools and Techniques for Modern and Traditional Rigging says “do it right, and [a whipping] is something structural that a …

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Explore the Bahamas – Tips for Running a Reef Break

In anticipation of the annual southerly migration of boats to the islands and beyond, this month we’ll explore the Bahamas. These low-lying islands just 60 miles off the coast of Florida provide fantastic cruising grounds for sail and power boats …

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Captains License Tips – Focus on Quality

Getting my captain’s license was a validation of a lifetime of experience, something I have always aspired to. In truth, most of the jobs I’ve taken on the water over the years were informal, and really didn’t require that I …

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Beware of Long Term Weather Forecasts

Fifty years ago, long term weather forecasts were already a scientific impossibility, and Edward Lorenz proved it. In 1962, Lorenz published his definitive work on meteorology in Volume 20 of the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. No one knew it …

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Close Quarter Maneuvering in Big Boats

Big boats, close quarter maneuvering and small spaces can be tough, especially for inexperienced owners, or motor boaters who’ve just converted from sail. A sailboat and a powerboat, particularly twin-engine big boats, are vastly differently creatures. Sailors comfortable handling a …

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How to Unwrap a Wrapped Prop

Eventually, everyone will wrap a line around the prop. Most of the time, the engine itself will give you hints as to what’s going on. This might manifest itself in a variety of ways – heavy clunking, extreme vibration or …

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Compass Bearing Tricks to Get you Home Safe

It’s sort of a given these days that most boaters heading out in local waters won’t necessarily be carrying paper charts with them. In the shallows surrounding the coastal regions of the southeast, particularly on the ICW, this is a …

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Close Quarter Maneuvers with an Outboard Motor

One of the major disadvantages to an outboard-driven boat is that without a separate rudder, at slow speeds the boats don’t exactly steer very well. In close-quarters – around docks and launching ramps, or maneuvering in a crowd – a …

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