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That Little Boat is Going to Cross the Atlantic?!

Little Boat Undaunted

In 2011 Matt Kent, bosun of the tall ship Niagara, was picking old oakum out of the deck in Erie, Pennsylvania, when he had an epiphany.  “I wonder, he ruminated, what the smallest sailboat ever to cross the Atlantic was”?  Just like …

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Florida Anchoring: So Who Owns the Sunset?

Photo by Rick Caroselli

Quick, what do Ponce de Leon, Osceola, Harry Truman, Ernest Hemingway, and Jimmy Buffet all have in common? They traveled in, and anchored their boats on the waterways of Florida. From the time of the first European settlers 450 years …

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In the Wake of Their Ancestors

In the Wake of Their Ancestors: © 2015 Polynesian Voyaging society; Photo: ‘oiwi tv • Photographer: Jason Patterson

The traditional Polynesian voyaging canoe, Hokule’a, has departed St. Helena in the South Atlantic, bound for the Americas and Europe. The crew of eleven departed Hilo, Hawai’i May 2014 bound on a three-year, 60,000-mile world voyage with a mission to promote …

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The Crab Pot Conundrum

Photo by Captain Robert Beringer

Put some crabs on the table and I’ll be first there with a mallet and bib. Steamed and spiced, hot from the galley, I savor every tasty morsel of this beautiful swimmer. So it would be hypocritical to denigrate the …

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