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Learning and Planning For Hurricane Season

Journey is hauled out for the hurricane season. Photo: Monica Pisani

Prior to our Caribbean adventure, we were clueless as to what we should do or where we should go as hurricane season approached. Early in our research, we found we had to make a choice dictated by time constraints, preference, …

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Sailing Green to Minimize Carbon Footprint

Journey fitted out with solar panels for 'sailing green'. Photograph by Monica Pisani

Once we decided to sail into the sunset, we committed ourselves to minimize our carbon footprint and ‘sailing green’. From that day on, our everyday would be directly connected to nature, moving with the wind, and generating our energy from …

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Beautiful Warderick Wells

Warderick Wells Bahamas : The moorings at Warderick Wells … a study in blue. Photo by Monica Pisani

At low tide, the scenery changed with the birth of a white sandy island in the middle of the bay. It offered a wonderful moment to relax, swim, walk, and absorb the beauty that will forever be inside our hearts. …

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The Indian River Tour – Dominica

Indian River Tour Dominica: A gift from Martin. Photo by Monica Pisani

We arrived in Dominica and immediately fell in love with its luscious nature. Portsmouth was our second and last stop and it was there that we had the most magical experience with a tour of the Indian River. The Indian …

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Dominica the Island of 365 Rivers

Dominica, the Island of 365 Rivers:The anchorage, Portsmouth. Photo by Monica Pisani

Journey, our 42ft sloop, Captain Jonathan, and I, his loyal first mate, started our sailing adventure in December 2013 leaving from Florida. We sailed the Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, as we made our way south, stopping at …

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Domino Effect in the Caribbean

Sailing through the Caribbean, one quickly realizes the wide range of similarities between the islands. Their history overlaps starting with the Arawak and the Carib, then European colonization, and slavery. The food is always well-seasoned, often spicy, served with local …

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Destination: Virgin Gorda — Devil’s Bay and the Baths

Photo by Monica Pisani

Virgin Gorda’s Baths are one of the British Virgin Island’s most famous landmarks. Granite boulders are arranged as if nature was commissioned to create an interactive sculpture garden of caves, passages, tunnels, and sheltered secret pools at the edge of …

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