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Rum Review: Dictador 12 Years — Colombia

The minute Terry realized Dictador rum was made in Cartagena, Colombia she knew we had to review. Cartagena is a magical city of narrow streets with flower-draped window boxes and colorful street performers that charm and entertain. Colombia is one …

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Rum Review: Papa’s Pilar 24

Papa's Pilar

Our favorite tour in Key West, by far, was the Hemingway Home on Whitehead Street.  Ernest Hemingway, known by many as “Papa,” had a penchant for adventure and fine rums. The Hemingway Rum Company pays homage to this icon of …

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Mount Gay Black Barrel

For over 30 years Mount Gay has sponsored sailing regattas around the world. Sailors proudly wear their Mount Gay Red Caps as symbols of participating in one of 150 hosted regattas each year. As the day of racing ends, the …

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Rum Review: Villa Rica – Olé Mexico

  Since we began our rum tasting adventure we have reviewed over 30 rums from around the United States and the Caribbean Islands. Not once have we ventured into Mexico. Maybe it’s because Mexico is better known for its tequilas. …

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Plantation Trinidad Vs. Barbados

    In January 2016, we selected a rum from Plantation’s Old Reserve Collection, in which each rum hails from a different Caribbean Island. We “traveled” to the island of Barbados, where the sugar cane produced a rum layered with …

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Clément – Select Barrel Rhum Agricoles

Clément – Select Barrel Rhum Agricoles

“Employee Recommended,” read the starburst on the shelf in front of Clément Select Barrel Rhum Agricoles from Martinique. Years ago, we were given a bottle of Clément X.O. which Terry secretly hid for herself because she enjoyed it so much. …

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Review: 12-Year Old El Dorado Rum from Guyana

El Dorado Rum

                The beautiful red box with a square-rigger on the front drew our attention. El Dorado Rum is a 12-year old rum from Guyana on South America’s coast. Not having much information about the …

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Creating New Traditions

Sunset December 24, 2013 from Sandy Key, Florida

My husband and I grew up in large families with great holiday traditions centered around lots of food, music and love. My family celebrated Christmas Eve at Gran and Pop’s with a formal turkey dinner while Clint’s family had Christmas …

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Is Ron Zacapa Truly the Benchmark?

We were introduced to sipping rums by Clint’s best friend Jim Brazil many years ago. Back then, one rum tasted like the other.  Vanilla, molasses and some with spices we couldn’t quite identify. Then Jim pulled out the pinnacle of …

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Kaniché XO – Barbados

One day we got a strange text message. “We’re having a rum tasting this week. What would you recommend?” We couldn’t type fast enough. After giving him a list of our favorites he texts back, “Have you ever had Kaniché?” Honestly, …

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Pusser’s Rum Aged 15 Years

Pussers Rum

On a recent trip to Annapolis, we had to make a stop at Mill’s Fine Wine and Spirits to check out the rum selection stocked for incoming cruisers. Lo and behold there was the Pusser’s Rum Aged 15 Years; a …

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Doorly’s 12 Year Old – Barbados


Barbados is one of our favorite Caribbean Islands. There you will find the most genuine people and, in our opinion, some of the best rums in the world. When we were there we bought a Doorly’s XO and have nursed …

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Angostura 1919 8-year Old

Angostura 1919 8 year old rum review

We were standing in the middle of the rum aisle trying to decide on a rum to review. Sipping or mixing? Caribbean or South American? We are fortunate to live in Florida which offers us a wide variety of rums. …

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Don Pancho Origenes Reserva 8 Year Old

Don Pancho Origenes Reserva 8

We first sampled Don Pancho Origenes Reserva 8 year old rum in March writing a very lackluster review. Taking a step back, we revisited the rum in May, opting to sample as the producers of the rum suggested: “neat, on …

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Alternative Anchorage Options in South Florida

South Florida anchorage options : Photo by Terry Boram

The 2016 Florida legislative session hit South Florida hard with anchoring restrictions in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. As of July 1, 2016, boaters can no longer anchor overnight in Middle River, Sunset Lake or between Rivo Alto Island and Di …

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South Florida News: MarineMax Expands

MarineMax Expands

MarineMax Expands into Luxury Yacht Management, Crew Placement & Luxury Charter   At a special press event held at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, MarineMax announced they are expanding into yacht management, crew placement and charter of luxury megayachts. …

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South Florida News: Anchoring Restrictions Pass

Anchoring Restrictions Pass

Anchoring Restrictions Pass in South Florida Florida Governor Scott signed into law House Bill 1051 Anchoring Limitation Areas which will restrict anchoring at five locations in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. The law will go into effect July 1, 2016. Boating organizations …

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