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Little Palm Island: Unknown Paradise

Photo courtesy of Little Palm Island

What a lucky person I am! I have sailed around the world and seen so many unique and beautiful places, yet I did not know anything about a little bit of paradise so close to home in Florida! Little Palm …

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What Women Want

Women on the Water Week learning knots. Photo by Pam Wall

I have just returned from the Annapolis Spring Boat Show. This boat show coincides with the unique Cruiser’s University, a series of seminars presented during the four day boat show. Attendees signed up for a myriad of presentations all sailors would …

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It’s Summertime in the Bahamas

Photo courtesy of Rick and Helen Bell, s/v Symmetry III

What do I think about when I hear the word “summertime?”  I think of my boat in the Bahamas. Oh sure it’s hurricane season but for me it has always been the BEST time to be out there. While I’m …

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Fishing in the Bahamas

Photo by Pam Wall

I do not like to kill beautiful fish! But do I ever love to eat fish. While cruising in the Bahamas it is almost a sin not to have a fresh fish, or conch salad, or conch fritters, on your boat’s …

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My One Particular Island

Photo by Tommy Albury

I hope you have read enough in past All At Sea articles to realize some of the delights of cruising in the Bahamas. The gin clear water, the marvelous white sand beaches, the colorful reefs so full of live coral and …

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Want to Have a Good Time in the Bahamas?

Photo credit: Billy Black

Last month Pam looked at items you most definitely need in the Bahamas to make your adventure seamless. This month she takes a look at those items you may want as you cruise the turquoise water of the lovely Bahamas. …

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