Highlights include regattas, magical sunsets, rum, people’s hospitality, and cost of living: My top ten reasons to Cruise the Caribbean.

Throughout the year, the CCEF offers free wireless internet (WiFi) in Tyrrel Bay in return for donations, and sailors can drop off items for the auction in July.

Visitors to Grenada are rewarded with a healthy mix of interesting sights, natural wonders and friendly people. For cruisers another compelling ingredient is added to this cocktail: plenty of comfortable and gorgeous anchorages

This past cruising season, the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin was graced with the presence of Mirabella V, the largest single-masted yacht and the fourth largest private sailing yacht in the world.

Few sailors venture the extra 15 miles east to Marie-Galante, which is well worth the detour and, with the right weather window, not that hard or uncomfortable to reach.

Cruisers tend to do their errands on the Dutch side, St. Maarten, where it is cheaper, and visit Marigot once in a while to obtain French goodies. But Marigot is more than cheese and wine...