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Caribbean vs Pacific Sailing

A Pacific atoll? No, the Turks and Caicos. Photos by Gayle Suhich

From what I have observed, Caribbean sailors have no idea how lucky they are. The Caribbean Sea, which measures roughly 1400 miles long by 450 miles wide offers some of the most diverse and interesting cruising grounds on earth. But …

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The Need for Yet Another Boat!

Sometimes the boats have been large …

I’ve had an intimate relationship with all the boats I’ve owned. Some of the shorter ownerships were more like dating. I’ve dated a lot of boats. OK, I admit it, I suffer from boat infidelity. In fact, I’ve never met …

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Hey Sloopy! Ketch Yawl Schooner or Later!

Hearing some cruising sailors propose that one particular rig is far superior to another, or that one type of hull form or boat type is the best, is really quite amusing if you think about it.  If getting from one …

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Why A Steel Boat

We've all seen them at anchor. Their designs are not easy to identify. They are boats we don't recognize. They are probably steel.

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