Cats are less bulky than dogs, easier to handle and smell much nicer when wet

Breadfruit is an extremely versatile vegetable that can be boiled or grilled or turned into dessert

Going downwind without a pole just doesn’t work for mono-hulls with classic rigs (big headsail, small mainsail) as many cruising boats have.

With the right mix of alternative energy sources you can save fuel, keep your carbon footprint low, and mother earth a tiny bit healthier!

We’ve had many bilge water incidents. Some caused by utter stupidity, others by technical failures that might have been avoided

The connection between the engine and propeller requires a big hole in the hull under the waterline. A dripless shaft seal or similar solution is required.

It's NOT the big issues that end their dream of a happy life, but rather the little things that continuously sucked all joy out of their daily routine

How essential is it really to have ice cubes in that drink? We have ours without ice, not because we detest it, rather because of energy considerations.

New spray dodgers and biminis keep the cockpit dry, however, after a few years of exposure, even high-quality materials start leaking. Tips to Fix!

What we use to stay connected is a gadget that seems in comparison like technology from the age of dinosaurs: the good old SSB radio.

What would you do when you see a protected animal, like a sea turtle tied up in somebody’s back garden? 

Anchoring is easy in big sandy bays, but areas with rolly anchorages, coral heads or strong currents require different tactics

Reliable anchoring equipment and the knowledge of how to use it is essential for cruisers. What Anchoring Equipment Do we Use?