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Capt. Max Loubser

Max Loubser is the Skipper of the Corina IV. Originally from South Africa, Max grew up in St. Maarten on the Beneteau 44 Callaloo. He studied at UK and Florida-based maritime academies and works as professional yacht crew.

Panama: Atlantic to Pacific with the Corina IV

Panama City from the Amador Causeway overlooking the north anchorage

Approaching Panama, the winds tend to die and the sea becomes still, even glassy. This is what we experienced 60 miles off the Panamanian coast after three days close hauled from Jamaica. The winds had been south of east the …

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Ready, Set, and Finally … Sail

Corina IV, carrying the flag of Sint Maarten proudly around the world

With months of preparation and many postponed departures the young St. Maarteners who are attempting to sail around the world have set sail. In February 2013 Kippy Gilders, Alex Nebe, Maria Merckens, Laura Bijnsdorp and I came up with the …

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