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The USNA’s Plebe Summer Sailing Program

Photo Courtesy of the United States Naval Academy

Leave it to the Navy to develop and run a sailing program delivering 18,000 student hours to 1,200 freshmen Midshipmen during six weeks every summer. Naval Academy Basic Sail Training Director Joni Palmer, likens the program to a “well-oiled and …

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Curacao Before Setting Sail

As the first tropical depression of the season was brewing, we searched for cruising guides to Curaçao, sailors experienced with approaching Curaçao, and a safe haven for our sailboat once we arrived. We were too late.

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Depth Sounding the Hard Way

Our boat has a 3.5m draft. Only after very memorable and embarrassing situations while navigating the Caribbean's anchorages, lagoons and harbor entrances did we gain a true understanding that 3.5 meters is just a blade of seaweed shy of 11.5 feet.

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The Dutch Island to Dutch Island Dash in 2010

Marama, a 100-foot aluminum ketch and a newcomer to the Caribbean, was the last to leave the marina. Her departure was historic and heralds the start of the Dutch Island to Dutch Island Dash from Sint Maarten to Curaçao.

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Captains Courageous Women at the Helm

Melissa, Holly and I had trekked, cycled and kayaked together in Patagonia, Turkey, Iceland and Switzerland, so when I booked a charter for a Sunsail 384 in the BVI, I didn't give a second thought to our crew.

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Floating Doctors 2010 Maiden Voyage

In late April, the 76-foot double-ended sailboat Southern Wind was loaded above and below deck for the first of Floating Doctors' missions to carry help to wherever the water flows and the wind blows.

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Luis Chiaparro Coaches Caribbean Sailors at Olympics

There were 62 countries and territories represented at the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta in Qingdao, China.  Some teams showed up with a full complement of 18 competitors, coaches, physiotherapists, sports psychologists, rules consultants, federation representatives and attaches—while lone sailors represented …

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Congratulations! You’re Going to the Olympics!

Imagine this.  You’re from Barbados and just graduated from high school.  You decide to “take it easy for the summer” by taking a job for a month as a sailing instructor in Bermuda.  Sounds pretty good, eh?  It gets better.  …

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