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The Construction of the 6 Metre Nada

Nada was designed by William Fife and built at Fairlie in 1929 to conform to the Second International Rule.The Metre Rule and the roots of Metre Boat Racing stretch back to 1906 when a conference was held in London with …

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6 Metre

It’s a sad reality that the world’s forests are being depleted. Whereas, as little as 10 years ago, a boatbuilder could count on quantities of a good boatbuilding wood at a good price, today that same species can be prohibitively …

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Bending the 6Metre

Boatbuilders have been bending wood around corners since the first dug-out canoe owner decided it was time for something a bit more up-market. The easiest way to coerce wood to take the desired shape is good ol’ fashion brute strength… …

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As anybody who has done it will tell you rebuilding a classic yacht can be very taxing on your supply of cash, materials, and manpower.At Woodstock Boatbuilders they’ve had to wrestle with all three problems while rebuilding the 1929 Fife …

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