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As anybody who has done it will tell you rebuilding a
classic yacht can be very taxing on your supply of cash, materials, and
manpower.At Woodstock Boatbuilders
they’ve had to wrestle with all three problems while rebuilding the 1929
Fife designed Six Metre

Despite these setbacks the Boatbuilders at
Woodstock have completed the hull
construction and, with a few tense moments, rolled the 36’ yacht over so
she now sits upright on her keel. Though behind schedule,
Woodstock co-owner Andrew Robinson is still
hopeful that, funds permitting, “Nada” will once again be on a
start line for the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta in April.  In the meantime, work is “hotting up” as Boatbuilders Michael Coddington, Jim Child and apprentice Colin MacDonald fire
up the steam box to coax Nada’s 112 new oak timbers (ribs) into place.

Every component of this restoration has to comply with the
stringent building and weight restrictions that must be followed for Nada to
regain her 6-Metre certification allowing her to compete against the hundreds
of other yachts of the Class world wide.

Andrew is hopeful that one day the Caribbean
will have its own 6 Metre racing scene and that these
beautiful racing thoroughbreds will be a common sight at local regattas.

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