At some point while cruising, things go wrong. In an unfamiliar anchorage, where do you start looking for someone to fix your problem?

The sail has some rips in it and other cruisers on fancier yachts are looking a little smug until they notice that the selfsame junk-rigged boat is deftly maneuvering through a crowded anchorage under full sail.

If the guy rowing up to your boat with an engineless dinghy and a cheery greeting is barefoot and wearing a shirt with the sleeves cut off, the chances are you have Mike Childers sorting out your navigation program for you.

The main reason for these dives is to educate people about sharks and in so doing ensure the sharks' protection and survival...

Ile La Vache is off the SW coast of Haiti and that is where some of the humanitarian aid from St. Maarten is headed on cruising yachts taking part in the supply run.

The Fishing Event proved disappointing due to unfavourable currents and the murky green of the water. The strikes were down drastically from last year