Ted Lomicka and Chris Allshouse will each attempt to swim from Saint Lucia to Martinique as part of the annual Saint Lucia Channel Swim

Moses is the first and only person to solo cross specifically the St. Lucia Channel, which launched its inaugural swim event last year.

Moorings 4000, 4500 and 514PC will all be available in Martinique. Charters are available to book now for departures starting in December 2019

Here is the scoop on ten Caribbean volcanoes you can visit. Those that are dormant now, like Mount Scenery in Saba, and make a great place to explore.

There is something to see in almost every anchorage. Here are ten of our favorites for Best Snorkeling up and down the East Caribbean.

The French state has decided to put in place a no anchor zone in order to protect the nationally classified wrecks following the 1902 Mont Pelé explosion.

Martinique is making Customs and Immigration easier to draw more yachts into their waters. Douglas RAPIER from Douglas' Yacht Services provided a quick breakdown on some of the changes.

The traditional sailing event is a very sporting challenge in Martinique, and the colors on display are magnificent for the full eight days.