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The Caribbean Marine Association Gets Their Proverbial Ducks in a Row

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The Caribbean Marine Association Identifies Key Priority Areas for Implementation

The Caribbean Marine Association (CMA) recognises its role for the development of the marine industry throughout the Caribbean. CMA currently represents the interests of eight national marine associations in the Caribbean and by extension, over 3000 marine related businesses, yachts and partner agencies.

As an association representing the interests of eight national associations and individual marine businesses, the CMA has identified several areas of priority for the enhancement of its own Secretariat as well as the industry throughout the region.

The CMA secretariat is being hosted by the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association. John Duffy, the President of the ABMA and the CMA has undertaken the role to get the association up and running. The Board of Directors of the CMA recognise that there is the need for continued institutional capacity building and sustainability of the Secretariat through the following initiatives:

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  • Recruitment of a full time CMA administrator and appointment of a permanent secretariat
  • Membership drive to strengthen the voice and budget of the CMA
  • Expand the CMA representation beyond the existing 8 nations to incorporate the whole of the maritime Caribbean
  • Annual fundraising event

By maintaining a fully functioning secretariat, the CMA will gain momentum in its voice and capacity to undertake it core initiatives for the future.

The CMA recognises the marine industry as one that spans sectors and contributes to the economies of all of its member countries. As well as an income generator, the CMA seeks to ensure that there are increased employment opportunities for Caribbean nationals in this area. Through strategic partnerships with key marine training institutions in the Caribbean, the CMA will seek to identify specific and relevant areas of training for the industry such as : i) Crew training; ii) Engine repair; iii) Safety courses.

The CMA endorses that the marine environment is to be protected and preserved. As such, the CMA will develop programmes in the following areas:

1) Development of moorings in sensitive marine areas throughout the Caribbean. In relation, will be the thrust towards education for the protection of mangroves.

2) Environmental lobbying and advocacy, with particular focus on the issues of:

  • Banning of Tribultyltin (TBT) antifouling and support for the use of alternative chemicals (such as copper). Advocacy for the sale and use of alternate products in chandleries, boatyards and marinas.
  • Ecologically responsible utilisation of holding tanks
  • Marinas utilising bilge pump out facilities for yachts

As the regional voice for the marine industry, the CMA needs to increase its visibility as well as develop strategic partnerships with key agencies in the Region. By streamlining the goals and objectives of the CMA with the existing priorities of CARICOM, OECS, CCLEC, Tourism Authorities etc. and in line with proposals contained within the OECS Draft Common Tourism Policy, the CMA will ensure that its role and relevance is considered in the wider planning and development of the industry. The CMA will seek to undertake the following:

  1. Implement E-Sea Clear and improve the movement of yachts between Member States in the Region with a first priority on OECS countries
  2. Participation in core marketing event to benefit the industry
  3. Development of policy through alliances with key strategic partners
  4. Lobbying and advocacy to regional decision makers in favour of the development of the marine industry.

To learn more about or to join the CMA, please visit the website at: http://www.caribbeanmarineassociation.com

Or contact CMA President John Duffy at: info@caribbeanmarineassociation.com

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