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Little Fish in Big Trouble, Researchers Say

Courtesy of the Pew Charitable Trusts

  Global demand is surging for forage fish which are used to make pet food, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, fertilizer and feed for animals and aquaculture operations. Their eggs are a delicacy. They are vulnerable to pollution and climate change which …

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Caicos Conch: A Sustainable Resource?

Different types of conch. Photo Katie Gutteridge

In Turks and Caicos, the conch business is booming. Featured as one of the symbols on the Turks flag, with its own dedicated festival, it is even the inspiration behind the popular local fashion label Konk. Wandering the art galleries …

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Make Sure your Sunscreen is Reef-Friendly

Depending on the type of sunscreen you use, mopping it on might be good for you but not for the environment. Photo: OcceanMedia

A love of tropical watersports combined with the risk of sunburn and skin cancer translates into an estimated 6,000 to 14,000 tons of sunscreen lotion released onto coral reefs worldwide each year. This is according to a 2015-published scientific article in …

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The Kraken and the Kodiak Queen

Dive Kodiak Queen Kraken

When Sir Richard Branson and Unite BVI, a non-profit organization; an entrepreneurial group, the Maverick1000; a team of artists called Secret Samurai Productions and a dedicated dive company, Commercial Dive Services all pop up in the news something unique must …

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The Winds of Change

Jarad and Christel Astin … aka Stell and Snuggs

Musicians Jarad and Christel Astin had a sweet life on New Jersey’s Rockaway Beach. Two young daughters, burgeoning careers, friends and family close by. But in late October 2012, everything took a wild tack when news broke that a storm …

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International SeaKeepers Society 20th Anniversary

  Working with the yachting community to promote globally-significant oceanographic research, conservation and education to protect the seas has been the mission of the International SeaKeepers Society since it started in 1998. Celebrating its Emerald Anniversary, this Coral Gables, Florida-headquartered …

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3D Coral Printing Comes to Caribbean

3D Coral Printing

Technology is coming to the rescue of coral reefs worldwide. 3D coral printing, or constructing a three-dimensional object under computer control, is a revolutionary technique that can help rebuild reefs in a whole new way. This process, first used in …

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Ocean Landfills and Trash Soup

Much of the ocean trash washes ashore before it returns to sea and further degrades into tiny bits. Photo: Claudia Reshetiloff www.HealthThatFits.com

Trash transported from poorly managed terrestrial landfills and from rivers, trash liberated by tsunamis and garbage tossed out at sea; fishing nets, buoys and spilled cargo containers are filling the oceans at an alarming rate. Huge areas of many of …

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Sailing Green to Minimize Carbon Footprint

Journey fitted out with solar panels for 'sailing green'. Photograph by Monica Pisani

Once we decided to sail into the sunset, we committed ourselves to minimize our carbon footprint and ‘sailing green’. From that day on, our everyday would be directly connected to nature, moving with the wind, and generating our energy from …

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Budget Marine Introduces Eco-Friendly, Reusable Shopping Bags

With the distribution of these attractive, eco-friendly, re-usable shopping bags in its locations Caribbean wide, Budget Marine say they have taken a small, but important step towards protecting the marine environment. Antigua’s bold lead in banning the importation and use …

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Green Sea Turtles Swimming in Unknown Territory

Bette Zirkelbach, manager of the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida Keys, disagreed with the federal downlisting of green sea turtles from an endangered species to “threatened” in May because of challenges facing green sea turtles. The primary challenge is the …

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Mosquito Hating Plants

Mosquito (Aedes aegypti). Photo: Muhammad Mahdi Karim

The wind has died and you are sitting on your boat in a lovely harbor, beverage in hand, watching other boats and the cars on the shore, glad you are no longer part of the rat race when you hear …

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