We've cruised Indonesia Four Times! 1.) We’ve spent a lot of time in the world’s largest Islamic country and, 2.) We’ve barely scratched the surface.

So the word got out that Noumea was Fiddler’s Green on earth.

After 59 years of living aboard, my favorite cruiser type is Frugal Freddy—a sailor so cheap he squeaks.

I suppose we all need heroes—even God. And perhaps God has some burdens so heavy and onerous that he only gives them to those that can endure the suffering with a smile.

Your diesel engine will run many years far more reliably and cheaply if you do just a few simple things. 

A very magical, completely rent-free place for sailors—a tropical island without any land. Without any people. Yet with an endless supply of food.

As we circumnavigate, we tell curious locals that we are from an island close to Bob Marley’s home—everyone in the Third World loves Brother Bob

The whole idea, after 59 years of living aboard and four circumnavigations, it to have fun and kiss life full of the lips. 

The problem with being a delusional marine journalist is that, sooner or later, you begin to believe your own swill.

My love affair with the eastern Caribbean has lasted for decades. As if God and Walt Disney created “Let’s build a Paradise for yachties.” 

Many Cruisers skip the Society Islands because Tahiti is so developed. This is silly—like refusing to visit the Grand Canyon because NYC has traffic jams. 

Preserve the marine environment—but condemn attempts at using the guise of ‘environmental protection’ to haphazardly charge random fees for nothing

The pint-sized author/sailor named Lin Pardey isn’t merely a dear and diminutive friend; she is a larger-than-life intellectual tour-de-force

Cruising safely at sea isn’t a matter of bank account level, it is a matter of hard work, knowledge, and seamanship. You might live or die by it

While Birgit has no illusions of the difficulties that lie ahead for a marine environmentalist, she also radiates hope and confidence

I didn’t have a Bimini on my first two boats. I was too wacked out to realize that orange disk in the sky was the sun.

Your boat has the rig it needs. If it doesn’t—buy a new boat, not a new rig. Misconceptions exist about sailing rig configurations